Martes, 31/1/2017: Attorney General in the U.S., Ecuador art map, Water meter theft

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Tues.) agenda events –

Martes de Cine – Tuesday movie at the Alianza Francesa was “La fille du patron” (The boss’s daughter).  The film is in French with Spanish subtitles.  (Too bad if you’re English monolingual.)

Articles about –

Interview – Humberto, a puppet, was interviewed.  He is here with his co-performers in Lupa, Compañía de Muñecos (Magnifying Glass Puppet Troupe and Eugenio Doeseffe, his handler, from Argentina.  They gave a workshop last week to teach the art of clown with the art of muñeco (puppet – your word for the day – it also means doll or dummy and is a popular dog’s name.  I have a feeling people name their dogs Muñeca because it’s multipurpose depending on how the dog is behaving at the time.)

Design for Museo de Conceptas – A team of 4 students from the Wocester Polytechnic Institute is in Cuenca on a research project for involving the local community in the future sustenance of the museum and conserving it as a cultural center which shows the religious past of the city.  (Presumably only as far back as the early 1500’s, though.  Religions before that have to be in another museum.)

CCE – The CCE is using spaces in its building to promote local artists and artisans.  It has also signed agreements with CIDAP to do training.  Next to their theater, will be a location for artisans of textiles, crafts, wood, and painting where the exhibits will rotate every 15 days.  (I think that means every 2 weeks here.) The space formerly occupied by the Banco de Machala will show the work of artists, collectives and emerging urban groups in different areas such as painting, objects, recitals, and performances.  The “Ocupa” (Occupy) project will be inaugurated this jueves.  Other spaces will help promote theater, dance, music, drawing and painting.  The CCE is calling for candidates who want to teach in those areas.  (I know there are gringos out there who do all of that stuff – how about teaching?)

Mapa del arte de Ecuador – The Dept of Arts at the U. of Cuenca launched a book, “Mapas del arte contemporáneo en Ecuador” in Guayaquil yesterday.  It contains 69 monographs about artists whose works are studied.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Robo de los medidores de agua, crece (Theft of water meters is growing) –

Odebrecht – Attorney General Galo Chiriboga is in the US for a meeting with the Justice Department tomorrow to get information about the Odebrecht construction corruption case.  (Names, we want names!)  Chiriboga also met with Paulo Abrao of the Comisión Interamericana de Derechos (Rights) Humanos.  Many of the people who committed crimes of violations of human rights are in the US including Edgar Vaca, a former police general who has received asylum in the US.  His crimes are serious and include extrajudicial executions (would that not be murder?  As it turned out, Vaca died last week.  So Trump was right – there are murderers from Latin America in the US. And there are still Ecuadorian bankers associated with the financial crash here who are living large in Miami.)

No defenderán veto migratorio

Two civic groups, Justicia Vial y Ecovial have invited the 8 presidential candidates, none of whom have confirmed their attendance to present their plans for road safety. The primary cause of death in Ecuador is traffic accidents where 14 people die every day.  According to ANT, in the past 10 years, the number of deaths has increased by 6.8%, and in 2016 there were 30,269 accidents in which 1,967 were killled and 21,458 injured.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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