Martes, 4/10/2016: Economy grows, New online Cuenca guide, IESS expands services

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda event – chl jeanne logo

Eurocine – The festival continued at the Alianza Francesa today at 19:00 with “John From” (Portugal).

Upcoming agenda events –

Dibujo – life drawing classes at Chakana Coworking (Juan Bautista Vásquez this Thu. from 17-20:00.

Títeres – A puppet show on Thu. & Fri. at 18:00 and 20:00 in the Sala Alfonso Carrasco.

Música – Rock with “Funky tu madre” and “Osmo” will be at the Zoociedad Café (Benigno Malo y Bajada del Centenario) on Thu. at 21:00.  Cost: $3.00 for men and $2.00 for women.  (I wonder what they’d charge a guy in drag?)

Exposición – There will be a horse show at from 7-9/10 at the Hostería Caballo Campana.  There is also a “zona infantil” (kids’ zone, playground), food court and more.

Caminata – A walk to “los cerros y lagunas ancestrales” (ancestral hills and lakes) will be this Sat.  Call 098 314 5009 for information.  (Be ready to use your Spanish. If you don’t know any be ready to be frustrated.  But maybe you’ll get lucky and someone on the other end will speak English.)

Solidaridad – Maestro Miguel Angel Cajilima had a fire that destroyed his workshop, workplace, and home.  He needs help. Call 2859-047
Articles about –

Escenarios del Mundo – This theater festival starts on 12/10 at 20:00 with the presentation of “Lunático” with the Tespys group. Tickets will be on sale at Librimundi after Fri.  More info at and on their Facebook page.
10% tax on foreign films – One of the things in the Ley de Cultura which the Assembly is currently debating is a 10% tax on tickets to foreign films which is planned to fund the promotion of culture and arts.  A consultant (I think one for the movie chains) said that at current ticket prices of $5-7, the 14% IVA plus this new 10% tax will raise the ticket price by one-third over the face price which will cause people to stop going to the movies.  (Also see the article below under Otras Cosas)

CCE – The literature section announced its activities for Oct.  On 1/10 in the Sala de Conciertos at 19:00 there will be an event dedicated to “Garcilaso, El Inca” one of the first chroniclers of the original peoples in America.  On 20/10 at 19:00, there will be an homage to Jorge Dávila Vázquez in the Sala de Conciertos.  Lastly, on 26/10 there will be a book launch in the library of the CCE.

Poetry – Ricardo Márquez Moreno has written “Poesía,” a book of poetry.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Siquen protestas y las discusiones (Protests and discussions continue) – Neighbors fronting the Tranvía protested the delays, want the work to speed up, and want to meet with directors of the consortium building the Tranvía.

Airport – The National Aeronautics Modernization Plan of 2003-2004 decided, due to limitations at the airport, that it should be operated with small airplanes.  Since the runway repair work, TAME and LATAM each suspended two flights last Fri. The scheduled planes would be considered large.  The suspension of the flights was and is exclusively an airline decision.  The airlines have not offered any explanations and CORPAC is waiting for information.

The Modernization Plan suggested turboprop, type ATR planes such as the Dash (DeHavilland?) since Cuenca is at a high altitude and has a relatively short runway.  (Isn’t the airport here about what those Dashes were designed for?  STOL?)

IESS – Members can get general medical services at 6 “Medisol” municipal medical centers.  Also under consideration is providing medication using the network of municipal pharmacies – Farmasol EP.
10% movie tax – The Minister de Cultura told journalists that they will withdraw the 10% tax on tickets to foreign films.  He said funds need to be generated to support local film and arts, but the 10% was an “alternativa inviable” (non-viable alternate – your words for the day.)  (That was a quick backtrack – between pages 2A and 5A.)

Economy – The Manager of the Banco Central announced that in the second quarter of 2016, the economy grew .6% over the first quarter, with an interannual variation of -2.2%.  Exports increased by 5% over the 1st quarter.  The balance of trade in the 2nd quarter was a positive $865 million compared with a deficit of $65.8 million in the 1st quarter.  (So maybe all those surtaxes are working if the balance of trade moved into what appears to be significantly positive territory.)

Digital guide app – “Cuenca en tu Mano” (Cuenca in your hand) is a complete tourist guide.  The app is free from Google Play or App Store.  It can also be used as shopping guide and purchases can be made through “Tiendas On Line.”  Your purchase is delivered to your house and you can pay electronically or in cash. “Cuenca en tu Mano” is part of a network of “Ciudades (cities) en tu Mano” that covers all of S. America.  (So does this threaten Lonely Planet?)

Tourism promotion – The 2×1 hotel promotion will continue in Nov.  The campaign in July and Aug. increased hotel occupancy from 20% in June to 42 in July to 48% in Aug.

Amenidades –

Metallica – The Cuencan band “Basca” will open for Metallica which is coming to Quito on Sat., 29/10 at 20:00 in the Parque Bicentenario de Quito.  Tickets are available at for $85 (VIP) and $185 (Metallica Box).

Discuentos y compras

Coral – The 4th Christmas Expo and the launch of the TCL (The Creative Life) technology line will be on Thu, 6/10 at 19:00 in the Salón Yanuncay at the Mall del Río.  Go to for more info.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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