Martes, 7/3/2016: Earthquake on the coast, Volcano, Tram work breaks new ground,

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

A book launch – “10 años te Ana y Milena,”  a compilation of comic strips by Fabián Patinho will be on Wed. at 20:00 in the República Sur.chl jeanne logo

Concierto – Diego Rossberg, and Argeninean singer living in Uruguay, will be at the Teatro Sucre on Wed, at 19:30.  $10.00.

“Frida Frida” – will be presented on Thu. at the Teatro Imauy (El Batán 4-70 y El Oro.  It’s about Frida Kahlo.  (I’m assuming it’s theatrical since it’s at a theater, but the article wasn’t definitive.)

Articles about –

MMAM which will be supporting local and emerging artists with exhibit space.  It also is planning activities in the San Sebastián and El Vado barrios including a training plan in urban art.

“Dos Lunas” composed of two brothers, is issuing its 3d CD.  This new disc “Es un viaje musical por todo el Ecuador.” (It’s a musical journey through all of Ecuador. You’ve graduated to sentence of the day.)

Otras cosas –

Titular – D. Cuenca completa su fiesta con goleada (Deportiva Cuenca finishes its party with a win)

Road changes – at Parque Industrial are ready.  The plan is to reduce traffic by 30%, and will start next Mon.  30,000 vehicles circulate in the area but only 3,000 stay there.  They are trying to take thru traffic around the Industrial Park to decrease congestion.  (Be ready for new one-way streets.)

Tranvía – 4 new areas of work started last weekend including Gran Colombia at Padre Aguirre in front of Santo Domingo, Mariscal La Mar at Estévez de Toral, the Chola Cuencana sector on av. España, and La Mar at the mercado 9 de Octubre. Work also started on two stations in the Terminal Terrestre and on Av. México. (Traffic in El Centro feels as thick as traffic in downtown San Francisco.)

Earth events –

A 5.6 earthquake was registered 10 km SE of Jipijapa in Manabí. There were no injuries nor damage.

Tungurahua is at a moderate to high level of activity with continuous gas emissions (I don’t suppose you can say that mountains fart.) and it’s dropping ash on nearby villages.

Fiesta agenda – tomorrow is the last day to submit your activity for inclusion in this April’s calendar.

Your sliver of life article today – is about the isolated community of Wuangras in Cañar numbering some 180 families which has no vehicular access.  Around 300 people participated in a minga to open a path with the possibility of getting vehicles in.  (The photo shows men and women, in their polleros (embroidered, pleated skirts) cutting a maybe 12-15′ wide dirt path with hand tools.  (Talk about self reliance – if the gov’t isn’t providing a road, build it yourself.  Maybe this explains some of these mountain roads.  Designed and constructed by people who’ve never driven a car.))

Internacional – 

Puerto Rico – Voters are going to the primaries against Trump. The island has 23 delegates and a candidate getting more than half the votes gets all the delegates. (My guess is that they’re going to have to have a run-off primary. Puerto Ricans can vote in the primaries but not the general elections.)

Bolivia – is going nuclear.  It signed a contract with Russian firm Rosatom to build and start up a Nuclear Research Center in El Alto.  Bolivia is the only Latin American country that does not have this type of center.

Deportes –

Andrés Chocho – broke the South American 50 km race walking record again in Ciudad Juárez.  He’s Cuencano.  (Following in the footsteps of Jefferson Pérez.)

Discuentos – 

Decameron All Inclusive Hotels & Resorts – 2X1 promotion for stays all March at Royal Decameron Punta Centinela – purchase between 3-14/3 – from $80 per person.  (There’s a lot of small print even I can’t read.)

Toyota – Foreunner from $52,990 – 20% down, 60 months.´

Kia R’s – 15,990 or 18,990 – 60 months – 5 year/100,000 km guarantee.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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