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Mayor predicts an event-filled year ahead of Cuenca’s bicentennial celebration

Jazz musician Su Terry performed Friday night before a standing-room-only crowd at San Francisco Plaza.

It’s going to be a busy year for Cuenca, according to Mayor Pedro Palacios.

Cuenca Pedro Palacios

“This is the 200th year since Cuenca declared its independence and we’re expecting exciting developments,” the mayor Friday. “We will finally see the operation of the tranvía, the beginning of expansion of the airport, the construction of a new market and the start of restoration work on important historic properties in El Centro.”

In addition, Palacios says the city will see the “most active cultural agenda” in the city’s history. “It will be year of concerts, performances and exhibitions that will highlight our rich cultural history,” he said. Events live Friday’s night’s jazz concert on San Francisco Plaza before a standing-room-only crowd will highlight the year’s activities, he added.

Palacios said new initiatives are being launched to attract more tourists. “The tranvía will be a major draw but the emphasis will be on the bicentennial and all the fairs and exhibitions associated with it,” he said. “We are partnering with the central government in a campaign to promote the city.”

Among long-range projects that will begin in 2020, the mayor said airport expansion is central to the city’s future. “We are growing rapidly and will have a population of more than one million within a few years so it’s time to make Cuenca into an Andean regional air hub,” he said, adding that the addition of airport facilities, including lengthening of the runway, are key to establishing direct air routes to Peru, Colombia and Chile.

Palacios said that several building restoration projects and efforts to improve pedestrianization in the historic district will also help attract more tourists.

3 thoughts on “Mayor predicts an event-filled year ahead of Cuenca’s bicentennial celebration

  1. And don’t forget the #KeepCuencaBeautiful campaign! The city has been very supportive of our volunteer group of expats and Cuencanos who are working to eliminate tagging and to support local artists by identifying areas of the city where original murals will be welcome. All are welcome to volunteer. Learn more by visiting our Facebook group Keep Cuenca Beautiful or email me

  2. One never knows what life is going to gift you from year to year! 2020 is the year we change our lives with a move to Cuenca. We are focusing on the positive aspects of the transition, and it seems that it will be an exciting time to be new expats in such a beautiful and vibrant city. We are truly excited about being there to participate as residents and not just tourists!

    1. I hope all English speaking will enjoy all of the events also. To that end, I would hope that any event calendar booklet – in print or online (like last year’s 3+ month schedule leading up to and past the 199th Anniversary) will be in both Spanish and English (lacking last year) for the benefit of the locals and tourists; and, it will also contain an event location map (also lacking last year) because many of the event locations don’t appear on the map handed out and prepared by the Fundacion Municipal Turismo Cuenca.

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