Mayor promises smooth transition to new administration

Feb 28, 2014

Cuenca Mayor Paúl Granda said he is in touch with Mayor-elect Marcerlo Cabrera and will make sure the transfer of power between the two administrations goes smoothly.

Granda said he would provide information to Cabrera regarding several projects that the incoming mayor has voiced concerns about. These include the light rail system, reconstruction of San Francisco Plaza in the historic district and renovation and expansion of the football stadium.

Cabrera says he will continue with all three projects but says he and his staff could make changes following reviews.

He says is particularly concerned about the train route on Calle Mariscal La Mar in the historic district and, on Av. España, which runs by the main bus station and airport. He also says modifications may be made the San Francsico Square restoration plan following discussion with vendors affected by the project. During campaign, Cabrera said the vendors’ opinions were not taken into account during planning.

Cabrera officially assumes office on May 14.