Miécoles, 13/4/2016: Landslide updates, Home robberies, Don’t phone and drive, Exhibit at Alianza Francesa

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Hola, Todos – 

I think it’s time for another reminder about these translations.  If it’s about an event, sale, job, etc – I translate all pertinent information.  I do not hold out on you, and I resent the implication that I don’t give you complete information.chl jeanne logo If you don’t see a time or phone number or date, it’s because I didn’t see it.   Often I will read an article or notice 3 or 4 times looking for the information. So don’t write me and ask for stuff that isn’t there – go get your own fricking paper or go to www.elmercurio.com.ec if you think you can do better.  And if you do find the info, you should be writing this column, not me.

Pagina cultural – 

Upcoming events –

Fiesta por Día del Teatro – This fiesta of music, dance and theater will be to commemorate the Día Mundial del Teatro (World Theater Day) which was on 27/3. “Cuenca celebra el teatro” (Cuenca celebrates theater), organized by the teatro Barojo, will be tomorrow at 20:00 in the Teatro Pumapungo.

Concierto – The musician “Esteman” from Colombia will be in Cuenca for the first time at the República Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55 y Hermano Miguel) Fri at 21:00 with a program of eclectic pop, choreography and 80’s disco. Cost: $15.00 in advance and $25.00 at the door.  (I never knew anyone would pay that much money to listen to 80’s disco.)

5 DJs – with “Fiesta Pangea” this Fri at 20:00 in the Sonora Club (12 de Abril y San Roque) with electro swing, house trap, tropical cumbia, salsa, and more.  Cost: $3.00.  (What is house trap – I know they’re not referring to the curved pipe under the sink.)

Finished events –

Acting workshop – at Lacomuna on how to use your body to interpret a role was today at 17:00.

Articles about –

A review of the “Los diablos” demonstration yesterday in the plazoleta de los Herreros.

A bilingual exhibit, “Las Misiones Geodésicas Frances en el Ecuador” (The French geodesic missions in Ecuador), will open tomorrow at 19:00 in the Alianza Francesa (Tadeo Torres 1-92 y Solano).  (Bilingual here is French and Spanish – did you really think English would be one of the languages?  What country do you think you’re in?) The mission was sent 280 years ago to measure one degree of arc at the Equator. (Or something like that.) Charles-Marie de la Condomine was part of the mission. (And that’s who the street is named after.)

The theater series, “Cuenca en Cuentos” repeated a performance of “Carlitos de la bicicleta” Wed. at 20:00.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Estudiantes festejan ‘por lo alto’ a Cuenca (Students celebrate ‘to the max’ for Cuenca)  Part of the foundation of Cuenca celebrations included a parade of high school students performing typical dances from Italy, Russia, Bolivia, Venezuela, the Ukraine and Ecuador among others.

Deslizamiento en Racar (Landslide in Racar) – The slide is in the Santísima Trinidad sector and two houses are at risk.  The road that connects this zone with Río Amarillo is completely blocked. Fissures were seen last Sunday night, and the director of Risk Management of the City of Cuenca said it seemed the slide was accelerated by a broken pipe.  Other contributing factors were the rains and the clay soils.  (So that’s why you go to Racar to buy “ladrillos” (bricks – your word for the day) – the raw material is already there.)

Mercado 12 de Abril – The market celebrated its 33d anniversary yesterday. This market, along with 27 de Febrero, are to be in the first phase of planned improvements to the markets.  (Has the 10 de Agosto got it’s escalator yet? Hopefully, that’s in their plans.)

Road closures – The vía Alóag-Sto. Domingo in Pichincha is impassible and closed to vehicular traffic.  (The foto shows a piece of earthmoving equipment next to some rocks as big as it is.  The vía Calacalí-Los Bancos is recommended as an alternate route.

Radio & TV – Competition for 1472 frequencies good for 15 years with a renewal option has opened for commercial and community stations and will continue to the end of the year.  An official said that the criteria and selection will have nothing to do with politics.  (Maybe more to do with money.)

Police Page – 

House robberies – There have been 294 break-ins this year when the occupants were out.  Items of high value such as plasma TVs and laptops were most taken. Preferred times for robbers is M, W, & F from 11-15:00 up to 19:-21:00 – times when families were at work or school.  (That’s why every block needs a snoopy little old retiree – hopefully one who speaks enough Spanish to call the cops when they see robbers.)  Police recommend citizens get a “Botón de Seguridad” and “Encargo de Domicilio.” which are a special phone button that will send police to your home or office and extra patrols around your house when you’re on vacation.

Driving and phoning – Do not do this unless you’re using a hands free device. Driving and talking on the phone carries a fine of 10% of the basic salary and loss of 3 points off your license. (And probably an increase in your insurance policy.)

Amenidades – 

“La Viuda del Farol” (The Widow of the Lantern) – This theater/dance performance is Thurs. at 20:00 in the sala Alfonso Carrasco with $5.00 admission and on Fri. in the Teatro Sucre for $3.00.

Internacional – 

Peru – Fujimori will face Kuczynski in the run-off elections in June.  With 96.07% of the the votes counted, Fujimori received 39.77% , Kuczynski got 21.01% and Mendoza 18.79%.

Discuentos y compras –

Gerardo Ortiz – Feria de Utilidades including home, hardware, fashion and shoes, appliances, toys, furniture, construction materials, plastics, electronics, finishes, etc – Convention Center at the Mall del Rio – 15-17/4.  Employees and families of GO Corp can shop on 14/4.  (Probably whatever didn’t sell at Coral last year.)

El Mercurio – El Cajas Magazine with 36 preciously unpublished fotos – limited quantity – $3.00.  (Remember what I ranted on about at the beginning of this column?  You have to figure out on your own where to get one if you want one.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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