Miércoles, 12/10/2016: Multi-national electrical grid, Dance, Theater, Latinos favor Clinton, Moreno resigns UN post

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda event –chl jeanne logo

Danza – There was a dance performance Wed. in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco” called “Un nombre coorto.”

Upcoming agenda events –

Calling for artists – The Mayor’s office and the Museo de la Ciudad are inviting plastic artists (as in made out of plastic?) for an exhibit called “Cuenca, Ciudad Artística” (Cuenca, Artistic City) which will open on 9/11.  Call 099 822 0016 for more info.

Ciclo de charlas – Starting tomorrow in the Museo de la Ciudad, is a cycle of talks, especially for teachers and students, on “Los cuentos y el miedo” (Stories and fear). The talks will be about horror stories, the supernatural, stories like Harry Potter, and fear in the city.  (Whoo-o-o-o.  Maria and her guagua are coming to get you.)  To register go to xcorral@hotmail.com.

Articles about –

Escenarios del Mundo – There’s a huge program from 12-24/10. I will announce the plays for the general public two days ahead.
Thu., 13/10 – “Francisco de Carlamanga” – Teatro Pumapungo – 20:00 – Malayerba/Ecuador
Fri., 14/10 – “Money: “El cabaret del consumismo” – Teatro Pumapungo – 20:00.

CCE – Jorge Dávila Vázquez, a Cuencano writer, and winner of the 2016 Eugenio Espejo National Cultural Prize was honored Wed. at a ceremony at 19:00.

Dance festival – El Encuentro Internacional de Danza will run from tomorrow to Sábado with performances at 19:30 in the Teatro Sucre.  (So I guess it’s just potluck as to what you’ll see, but at least you know where and when.)

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Enner salva a la Tricolor (Enner saves the Tricolor)  Fútbol – nuf sed (And I’m going to use fútbol – not soccer – so you NFLcentric fans won’t confuse it with American football.). Ecuador came back from a 0-2 deficit to tie Bolivia Tues. in La Plaz.

Referendum – A referendum proposed by Pres. Correa on 14/7 is scheduled for a public substantiation hearing (I have no idea what that means in English.) on 24/10. The referendum would ask the voters if they are in agreement with the following: in order for an election winner or public servant to serve, they cannot hold assets in tax havens.  (Images of 3d world officials toting suitcases of cash to welcoming islands.) The government would like to have the referendum on the same day as the general elections.
Lenin Moreno – The AP Presidential Candidate resigned from his position as Special Envoy to the UN Secretary General for Disabilities and Accessibility on 1/10.  He was proclaimed the AP candidate later the same day.

Energy Agenda –  VP Jorge Glas presented La Agenda Nacional de Energía 2016-2040 which contained the strategies for energy planning and electrical and hydrocarbon development for the next 25 years.  He said that Ecuador’s public policies put it in the vanguard in the world for energy planning which is the route to more wealth and productivity.  The government’s objective for equity and spreading wealth included energy prices the allowed those most in need to access energy and encourage productivity.

He also announced the agreement at the Gabinete Binacional Ecuador-Peru for a high power line(s?) from Ecuador to northern Chile via Peru calling it an electrical freeway.  Colombia is at the line’s northern extension.

Tranvía – Obras y diálogos en punto muerto (Work and dialogue at a deadlock (says Google) I like at death’s door.) See Wed.’s CHL article for details.  The mayor met at the Chamber of Commerce with people from the private, public and academic sectors.  (Sounded like a brainstorming session.)  Two recommendations came out of the meeting – 1) to support the Mayor’s office with the technical, economic and legal processes. 2) to form a commission of the 4 universities in Cuenca – UPS, Católica, UDA and U. of Cuenca – to analyze the project in a comprehensive way. (Sounds like getting stuff together for a lawsuit you think is coming.)

Feria – La Red de Mujeres Rurales de Cuenca (The Network of Rural Women in Cuenca – you know Cuenca has rural parishes – where people still have cows and chickens and cuy and gardens and water supply problems and dirt roads) is having a feria with crafts, ecological agriculture, and food this Sabado from 9-17:30 in the plaza El Otorongo.  There will be delegations from 13 rural parishes.

Used greenbacks – You have 3 more days (If it’s the 12th today, that would make it the 15th) to change abused bills (almost more patching material than bill) at the Banco Central de Ecuador on calle Larga.  A lot of people have shown up these past few days – so join the rush.  (If you’re a real masochist, wait until the 15th.)

Intercultural – 12 de Octubre:  Día de La Raza, Día de La Interculturalidad o Día de La Resistencia? (October 12th: Day of the Race (Latinos), Intercultural Day, or Day of Resistance?) (What you see really depends on if your ancestors were already in the Americas or if they arrived in the 15th Century.)  The pictures were of a Kañari Catholic priest holding the Kañari festival calendar, the Otavalan market, and 3 gringos sitting at a table. Susan H., Frances H. and Mike H. – your pictures are in the paper.

Internacional –

US – Latinos’ perception of Trump hasn’t changed.  The Pew Research Center found 54% of Latino registered voters are democratic.  58% of Latino registered voters favor Clinton, 19% support Trump, Libertarian Johnson gets 10% and Green Party candidate Stein gets 6%.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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