Miércoles, 15/6/2016: Coldest day of the year, Opera festival, Traffic rerouted on Las Americas, Car sales are down

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Wed. (finished) events –

Nuevo Festival – As part of the New Festival, 3 films were shown in thechl jeanne logo Salón de la Ciudad – The Stranger, El evangelio de la carne, La falija de Benavidez.

Theater – The work “Aguita de Viejas” was presented in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco Vintimilla” in the Casa de la Cultura.  (Cordero y Pres. Córdova). Tickets available at Librimundi and El Gañal (outside of the teatro arlos Cueva Tamariz).  Free.

Performance exhibit – Wed in El Subsuelo of the Casa de la Cultura, a “performance-acción y dibujo” (performance-action and drawing) by the Grupo de Aristas Independientes.  El performance es una expresión artística consistente en una actuación escénica que busca provocar el asombro del espectador.  (The performance is an artistic expression consistent with a stage performance that seeks to provoke the astonishment of the spectator.)  (If this were a dessert it would be a sardine sundae with hoisin sauce on chocolate ice cream.)

Articles about –

“Manos Mágicas” – The exhibit of 220 pieces by 45 master artesans from 12 countries is at CIDAP.  (The article is basically a list of artesans and a description of their pieces.  You’re better off spending the time seeing the exhibit than reading about it.)

Damas Rotarias – A new president of the Comité de Damas del Club Rotario Tomebamba has started her term.  The past year’s projects included “Misión Esperanza” where Canadian medical teams performed surgeries and provided dental services; a program where 2,600 patients got eye exams and glasses; and they are waiting for 10 containers of basic necessities and food for the earthquake victims.  This coming year will focus on working with kids with cancer through the Hogar Emaús and with abandoned children.

IV Opera Fest – There will be concerts today and tomorrow at 20:30 in the Teatro Sucre organized by the Fundación Ecuatoriano-Húngara MusArtEH which has branches in Ecuador and Hungary.  The concert will include soloists, choruses and the Orquesta Sinfónica de la U. de Cuenca.

“De cuerpo presente” (The body present) – A poetry reading in a different format will be tonight at 19:00 in the Sala de Conciertos de la Casa de la Cultura.  Local poets will read works by Argentinean poets and after a lecture, the local poets will respond to the first readings with their own work.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – En neutro la venta de vehículos (Vehicle sales in neutral) – Car sales are poor due to a reduction in quotas (I have no idea what the background is on this.), buyers with less money, and the difficulty of getting credit. Also adding to the problems is that most of the new car dealers are in the middle of the Tranvía work along España.

New phone service – ETAPA will be entering the SIP market in a couple of months. The technology will allow electronic devices with an internet connection to function as a phone.  The cost is expected to be 1-2 cents/min.  52 new Wi-fi zones were opened around the city.  (If you’re interested, I’d start at ETAPA.  Hello?)

Public annnouncementTraffic will be restricted on De Las Américas south of the Redondel Simón Bolívar (I never knew what the redondel with G. Colombia, Américas & Lasso was called.)  Northbound, it looks like traffic veers to the right at Calle de los Naranjos, the far right lane is closed and it’s back to “normal” at the redondel.  Southbound, the one lane section is from Calle del Arrayán to los Naranjos before it goes back to “normal.”

Isaías brothers – (Ecuador’s very own version of the Kochs) The brothers who were convicted of embezzlement and mismanagement of funds in the banking crisis, have now made a claim for restitution of money confiscated by the government. They claim their human rights were violated.  The amount is now over $1 billion.  (Now I’m thinking Ecuador’s very own version of the Donald.)

Advertisement – Semana Internacional Venezuela is from 14-18/6.  Events include:
Thu – 16/6 – Film “La distancia más larga” – Auditorio del Museo de la    Ciudad – 19:00.
Fri –   17/6 – “Humor y Amor” (Humor and Love) – a night of theater and music – Auditorio del Museo de la Ciudad – 19:30
Sat – 18/6 – Festival “Burda e’fino cham@” (I have no idea how to translate that.) –  Parque El Paraíso – 9-14:00.

Achachay (Brrr) – The lowest temperature of the month was Mon. with a high of 13.9 C. (57 F.)  The cold was attributed to lots of clouds leading to rain with wind. The forecast is for improved weather because of the expectation of fewer clouds leading to lower chances of rain.  (Now do you see why there are no traffic and weather channels?  Traffic – it’s bad – almost always.  Weather – look outside, yoyo, because the weather in El Centro might be different from the weather at the airport.)

Internacional –

Venezuela, US – The US is putting pressure on the Government of Nicolas Maduro to allow a timely referendum and announced the immediate start of bilateral talks with Caracas.  It is also calling for the release of political prisoners.  (So who does Uncle Sam have in mind to install instead?  Obviously someone who’d support the TPP.)

Discuentos y compras – 

ETAFashion – New father and son collection – 20% off sale for the whole family – from 15-19/6.  More info at ETAFASHION.com

La Tarde – Electric lonchera (lunch box) – $23.24 at all offices of the newspaper. There’s one in Centro Comercial El Vergel.  (It’s such an odd idea I’m tempted to buy one.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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