Miércoles, 16/12/2015: Christmas chorus, Cuenca-Azogues road nears completion, Water rates increase, New medical procedure

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural –

Biblioteca (Library) – the Biblioteca Ciudad de chl jeanne logoCuenca (Cuenca City Library), located in the ex Escuela Central, will be inaugurated on Friday.

Gastronomía – the Alianza Francesa will have a gastronomy workshop this Saturday from 9:00.

Charla – there was a talk on the writing of Garcia Lorca Wednesday afternoon.

Articles about –

“Viaje Interrumpido” (Interrupted Journey) which opened Wednesday at the Salón sel Pueblo de la Casa de la Cultura.  Andrés Arízaga is showing 9 large format drawings.

Art, crafts and design have new showcases at Mercadito Cuenca this Sat and Sun on the terrace of the Complejo Todos Santos and the Maki Trade Fair on Fri and Sat. from 9-20:00 and Sun, from 9-18:88 at Sucre 14-96 y Coronel Tálbot.

Christmas chorus on Sat at 19:00 in the Iglesia de Todos Santos with 4 youth choruses and more than 120 singers.

A review of the play “Un pueblo llamado Desesperación” which will be performed again Thursday at 11:00 in the Teatro Sucre.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Tres meses para entregar la vía Cuenca-Azogues (3 months to deliver the Cuenca to Azogues road)  (It’ll be really nice to have lane markers again. Seems like it used to be 3 lanes each way, but without the markers people drive like it’s two lanes. Maybe because the road work took out part of the 3d lane. It would be unEcuadorian to make 2 lanes out of 3 because it’s usually the reverse.)

The IV Gabinete Binacional (IV Binational Cabinet) – meetings between Colombia and Ecuador resulted in an agreement to complete 90 goals in 2016. They are in the areas of infrastructure and connectivity, safety and defense, economic issues, commerce, frontiers and environment. Correa reported that 97% of the goals from the 3d Cabinet were accomplished in Esmeraldas, the province bordering Colombia.

Water rates – the second part of the increase from last year took effect in Nov. and will show up on your Dec. bill. Rates for a cubic meter of water vary depending on consumption so 0-20 pays $.40, 21-25 pays $.60, 26-40 pays $.65, and more than 40 pays $.70. Your sliver of life is the rest of the article which interviews ratepayers, some of whom complained about their bills and one who did an inspection for leaks, fixed them and lowered her bill. (Where in the world could you find a utility customer who didn’t complain about the rates?)

First radio surgery in Ecuador – was performed at the “José Carrasco Arteaga” IESS Hospital. Private hospitals do not do these surgeries and this is the only IESS hospital in the country that does this procedure. (Aren’t you glad you moved to Cuenca? Wasn’t the availability of good health care a plus?)

Amenidades – 

Bingo – along with peña and bailable (rock or crag and danceable according to the dictionary. Huh?) on Fri, 18/12 at 8:00 pm in the Salón de Eventos at the Rotary Club Cuenca (Av. 27 de Febrero 4-137 y Jacinto Flores) to benefit SIREDIS (A disabled peoples’ network?)  (Bingo seems like a good way to brush up on your numbers – plus if you do it well, you might win something – motivation.)

Internacional –

Colombia – close to peace since the issue of victims of the conflict has been resolved with an integrated system for reparations, justice, truth and guarantees that it will not be repeated.

Argentina – Pres. Macri was criticized for naming two Supreme Court judges by decree without the approval of the Senate.  (I bet every single US president has wished for that power.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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