Miércoles, 1/6/2016: Panama hats in China, No IVA discount on high-test gas, Micro-theater, Tango social at El Salón

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –
Cine – This Fri., the film “The Fall: El Sueño de Alexandria” (The Fall:  The Dream of Alexandria) will be shown at 19:00 in El “Prohibido” Centrochl jeanne logo Cultural (calle peatonal La Condamine, El Vado – La Condomine pedestrian way).  It is of the fantastic genre and considered a cult film.

Collective exhibit – “Lenguajes del deterioro” opened Wed. at the “Subsuelo” of the Casa de la Cultura (Pres. Córdova y Luis Cordero).

Tango – A tango social organized by Patricia Galarza will be this Fri. at 19:00 in the café bar “El Salón (Luis Cordero y Pres. Córdova).  It’s open to all levels of dancers.  Cover: $5.00, includes one drink.

Articles about –

Microteatro – This theater project in which 5 works will be presented simultaneously in 5 rooms, starts Thu. The works start at 19:00 with the audience already in the sala and the doors will be closed until 19:15 when they will be opened for more attendees to enter.  There will be 4 functions each night.  The works will be 1. “Trapos” (Rags) with Frances Swett y Alejandro Fajardo.  2. “Amor de hierro” (Iron love) with Verónica Tola.  3.  “Un minúsculo punto molesto” (A tiny annoying point) about a fly who wants to be human.  (This is not the sequel to The Fly.)  4. The performance by singer and humorist Cindy Benson will be in English with some Spanish phrases.  5. “No lo hablo pero lo entiendo” (I don’t speak, but I understand) is a satire on those who say they speak English but are stretching the truth  (I’ve heard the reverse from gringos who say they can understand a lot more than they can say.).  The ticket sales will start at 17:00 in the Salón del Pueblo.  Cost $5.00 per function. (And my reading is that each little play is a function.  But I could just as easily be wrong.)

Premier – “LSD”, a theater and dance work about addictions premiered Wed. night at Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz at the U. of Cuenca.

Otras cosas –  
Titular – Estado no asume alza del IVA en la súper (The government will not subsidize the additional 2% IVA on super gasoline.) EP Petroecuador lowered the price to dealers on extra, extra with ethanol, 3 grades of diesel and gas to compensate for the IVA increase.  Prices for super can float.

Airport – The last asphalt improvement project left the runway with insufficient roughness for the friction needed for the aircraft tires.  The restrictions on landing large jets when the runway is wet will continue.  Smaller planes with velocities of 160 km/hr comply.  (What would work are those De Havilland Dashes with STOL.  I like that idea – more flights with smaller planes.)

For you foodies – El Festival de Comida patrimonial ecuatoriana Mesabe 2016 will be from 2-5/6 in the Centro de Exposiciones de Quito.  The 45 best “huecas” (a hollow, but more like a “hole in the wall” or “mom and pop” restaurant) from all parts of Ecuador will exhibiting.  It will be cooking that’s been handed down for generations.

Panama hats – Ecuador is promoting sombreros de paja toquilla (Panama hats) in China.  (Too bad they didn’t promote them earlier – can you see millions of Chinese rice farmers in Panama hats instead of the cone shaped things?  That would be a total transformation of an iconic image.  Now they’re going to be topping rich Chinese hipsters.)

Comptroller – The Comptroller found “irregularities” (the quote marks are in the newspaper article) in the declaration of assets of 6 legislatures prompting 10 assembly members to ask that the investigation into assets include high ranking government officials and directors of public businesses.  (A mental jump to why Trump isn’t releasing his tax returns.  That one is as financially transparent as a lump of lead.)

Matriculación – If your license plate ends in a 5, this is the month to register your vehicle.

Power washer – La Empresa de Aseo de Cuenca (EMAC EP – the Sanitation Department, I think) got equipment to clean walls of “garabatos” (scrawls – your word for the day) and they will start cleaning in the Plazaleta de El Otorongo.  The washer can heat water from 60-180 degrees C. and has a pressure of 3,500.  (If you’re at Otorongo, do not walk in front of the spray.  If it can peel paint off a wall, what could it do to your skin?)

Discuentos –
Colineal (furniture) – Change of season sale – 20, 30, & 40% off – from Thu., 2/6 to 5/6 – Hermano Miguel 8-58, Autopista 200 m. from the redondel to Turi, Mall del Río, Calle Octavio Chacón (Parque Industrial).

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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