Miércoles, 18/1/2017: French music festival, On-line tax deductions, Alimony and child support, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

Teatro – “La Gallina de Edmundo” (Edmundo’s hen) will be shown today and viernes at 20:00 in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco” (Luis Corero y Pres. Córdova).

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Conferencia – The conference “El talento del inconsciente” (The talent of the unconscious) will take place mañana at 19:30 in the Sala de Conciertos in the CCE (Córdova y Cordero).  Dr. Eudoro Falconí, clinical psychologist, will talk about the scope and depth of our thinking and understanding the mysteries of the mind.

Talleres (by now you ought to remember that this means workshops) – A series of workshops on “Autoconocimiento y Manejo de Emociones” (Self knowledge and Management of Emotions) will be given at the centro Pascana (Todos Santos bridge and Paseo Tres de Noviembre.  (Looks like if you’re interested, you’ll have to go over to the center.  If your problem is anger management, and you’re mumbling “why can’t this stupid b***h give me the date and time?” get over there immediately.)

Articles about –

Exhibit opening – “En la calle” (In the street), a show by painter Ismael Álvarez opened Wed. night in the Galería de la Alcaldía (Bolívar y Borrero).  His paintings are of people and street scenes.

Fiesta de la Música – The festival was started in France in 1982, and is a world wide event.  The chapter of the Alianza Francesa in Cuenca has been organizing the local festival since 1996.  It will be from 16 to 21 de junio próximo.  The Alianza Francesa is looking for musicians to participate on a voluntary basis.  Artists will be selected by a committee.  If you are interested in playing, fill out the application form on their website – www.afcuenca.org.es or on the event’s Facebook page: fiesta de la Música Cuenca Ecuador.  (Might have to specify Ecuador if there’s a festival in Cuenca, Spain, too.)

Bienal – Beethoven’s “Oda a la Alegría” (Ode to Joy) is “showing” in the parque De La Madre, and you can play it yourself with nothing more complicated than a drumstick (musical and not avian).  The poles which sound a note when hit, are mounted in the park.  (The photo looks like it’s somewhere along the running path.  Does that make this performance art?)  The Bienal will end on el 5 de febrero próximo.

Libro – The Mexican Academy of Sugery donated a reproduction of the book, “De Humanis Corpore Fabrica” (Sorry, I don’t translate Latin) to the School of Medicine at the U. of Azuay.  The book which was drawn and published by Andrea Besalio in 1543 is considered the first anatomy book.

“Femicidio” (Feminicide) – This book by attorney Bernarda Valdivieso was presented Wed. in the Sala de Conciertos at the CCE.  She analyzes this crime from a legal and etymológical point of view.

Otras cosas –  

Titular – Condicional donación de predio (Conditional donation of property – The National Defense MInistry announced the transfer of part of the land owned by the Cayambe base to the Municipality to sell in order to complete the Tranvía, but attached 6 conditions.  One of those was that the City provides a definite schedule for finishing the project.

Tasa Solidaria – The amounts collected by this tax rose from 2015 to 2016 to about $200,000.  The money is used for road maintenance in rural parishes and is collected from vehicle owners when they register their vehicles.

Alimony and child support – The Constitutional Court discussed the issue of prison for those who do not pay child support in the case of a father who was jailed for non-payment.  The father is suffering from terminal cancer which worsened when he was jailed for 8 days.  The court had to balance the superior interests of the child against the right to liberty for its citizens.  It decided on other means to enforce the law such as a prohibition on leaving the country, periodic appearances before a judge, night time arrest and an electronic bracelet for a parent suffering from a major disease or unemployed.  Currently there are 962 detainees and 18,324 people who owe child support.

SRI – The SRI started a new on line version of the Anexo de Gastos Personales (Personal Expenses Attachment) for employees who make more than $11,170 and whose deductible expenses exceed $5,585.  Deductible personal expenses include housing, food, education, health and clothing up to a maximum of $14,521 or 50% of the “ingresos gravados” (taxable income).

Internacional –

Colombia – The ELN rebel group expressed its disposition for the peace negotiations to go into a public phase this month through their Twitter account, @eln_voces and in an editorial in their digital publication, “Voces de Colombia.”

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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