Miércoles, 20/7/2016: Ricaurte celebrates its patron saint, Zebra circus, Tranvía work

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda items –chl jeanne logo

Humor – “Pancho y Ave” will present their stand-up comedy show, “Contra la crisis” (Against the crisis) Thurs. in the Repúblic Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55 y Hermano Miguel).  Cost:  $8:00.  (Don’t ask me what time – the paper didn’t say so I don’t know.  Google it.)

Escultura – A sculpture exhibit by Pablo Ortega Salinas is continuing in the Salón del Pueblo (Sucre y Benigno Malo, 2nd flr).

Pintura – A painting exhibit by Eduardo Segovia and Boris Ordóñez is showing at the Salón del Pueblo, planta baja (PB – ground floor.  If you’ve been pushing 1 in elevators and not arriving at street level, try pushing PB.  S will get you to the sotano or basement.)

Libro – The book “Memorias culinarias de la zona rural de Tungurahua” (Culinary memories of rural Tungurahua) will be presented on Fri., at 16:20 in the Huarmi Cocina Taller (Juan Jaramillo y H. Vázquez – I think they mean Hermano Miguel between the two above streets which are parallel).  There will also be a pampa mesa with those attending.  (I don’t know if that means you need to bring food to share at the pampa mesa or if it will be provided.

Cine – The Sunday movies at República Sur continue with “Alphaville,” directed by Jean Luc Godard at 16:00 and “A bigger splash” by Jack Hasan.  Free and the bar will be open.  (How much better can a venue get?)

Wednesday’s agenda items –
Pelicula – “Auto medicados” (Self medicated) was shown this morning in Classroom 104 of the School of Art at the U. of Cuenca.

Jazz, blues, funk and folklor (No translation needed there) – There will be a concert tonight at 20:00 in the Catedral Vieja with musicians from 5 countries.  (Wonder if they’ll do any Parliament or Graham Central Station numbers?)
Articles about –

Graduation projects – Students in the School of Arts at UDA are exhibiting their final projects in the Museo de la Cuidad.  These include architecture, graphic, fashion, object, interior and theater design.

Cine -The “made in Ecuador” film series lasts until Thurs. with screenings as 19:30 in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco.”  Wed.’s film is/was “Más allá del bien y del mal” (Beyond Good and Evil – would that be Boredom? or Death?)  Tomorrow’s film will be “Alfaro Vive Carajo” which will also be presented in DVD at 1100.

Recital – Rubén Ruipérez Jiménez will perform an accordion concerto Thurs at 20:00 in the Teatro Sucre.  Tickets available at “Déjame que te cuenta” (Luis Moreno Mora 3-23 y Francisco Moscoso), whtsapp: 099 503 5816 and at the theater on the day of the event.
Cebra Circo (Zebra Circus) – There will be a show with jugglers, clowns and acrobats Thurs at 20:00 in the teatro de bolsillo at the Centro Cultural Sono.  On Fri., there will be a concert at 20:00 with Sol Okarina in the “Concierto Planet4” with Caribbean-alternative, tropical-urban, and visionary music.  (Is that the stuff a friend of mine used to call “pots and pans” music?)  Sat. will have family theater with “Cuentos clásicos con el Tío Pepe” (Classic stories with Uncle Pepe) at 16:00.  All shows $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for children, seniors and disabled. (Does nutty as a fruitcake count as disabled?)
Exhibit – An exhibit of Japanese toys and games is showing at CIDAP, including a toy common 1,500 years ago.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Cámaras proponen asesoría externa (Chambers propose outside consultant) (Read Wed.’s CHL article for details.)

Graduation parties – Due to the economic crisis, these parties are not being given, however, there is a trend to give group parties to share costs.  Meanwhile, businesses selling decorations, class rings, etc. are suffering.

Reorganization – Pres. Correa signed a decree to reorganize various public institutions, to reduce the number of deputy ministers and eliminate 6 Executive Branch entities, one of which is the Secretaria Técnica del Comité Interinstitucional de Asociaciones Público-privadas.  (You can see why I’m not listing all of them.)

Tranvía – Work on the bridge over the Tomebamba will start with the removal of the east side.  The work will be similar to the improvements on the Yanuncay bridge. (Hopefully, it won’t take as long or who knows when the Tranvía will actually roll.)

Festival Santa Ana – A festival to celebrate Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos de Cuenca is being organized for 23 & 24/7 in the Seminario San Luis between 10:00 and 21:00. Craftsment from Azuay and Manabí will be exhibiting.

12 Pasos (12 Steps) – A new Centro Especializado en el Tratamiento de Adicciones (CITAD) (Center Specializing in the Treatment of Addictions) will open this coming week at Los Cerezos y Las Hortensias.  There will be space for 108 residents to be treated by 18 professionals including doctors, psychiatrists, social workers and occupational therapists.  (Is Las Hortensias in the middle of Gringolandia?)  There is a security system that includes 40 video cameras.

Festival de sancocho – The Buenca Esperanza barrio in Ricaurte will celebrate in honor of its patron saint this weekend.
Sat. – 9:00 – sports
19:00 – procession with the image of the Señir de la Buena Esperanza accompanied by the Explosión Tropical band
20:00 – serenade with mariachi band Monterrey Internacional
20:30 – a show with Anita Lucía Proaño
22:00 – comparsas and the burning of the vaca loca (crazy cow), a deer and a peacock.
23:00 – burning of the castillo (tower of fireworks)
Sun. – Activities from 6:00 to 18:00 including the 5th gastronomic festival and 2nd sancocho festival, a mass, bike ride, auction bazaar, dance festival, ollas encantadas, show, raffle and dance.

Amenidades –

Concierto – The 1st International Jazz Festival was Wed. in the Teatro Pumapungo.  Thurs. there will be a music workshop in the Teatro Sucre at 18:00.  Cost: $5.00.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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