Miércoles, 23/11/2016: Nine new fires, Extraterrestrials may live underground near Cuenca, Colombia, FARC have a new deal

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CorrectionEl Mercurio issued a public correction and apology for misspelling the name of one of the Bienal’s founders.

Articles about –

La Tarde – The afternoon newspaper has relaunched itself as “Late” in tabloid format for only $.25.  (In contrast, El Mercurio is $.45 per issue.)  It will be different from other media and is looking to attract a different market.  It has young reporters looking for news about urban Cuenca (I imagine as opposed to the rural parishes.), events and human interest.

Teatro – Jú Liminal is starting their theater season on 23-25/11 and 30/11-2/12 at 20:00 in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco Vintimilla” in the CCE.  “Cataviento dibujado” (Something wind drawn. Cata might come from catar – to taste.)  It’s about (at least I think this is what it’s about) two minstrels who are rehearsing their show for the next village, but neither can say how to transport the fireworks and the “vaca loca” (crazy cow – you’ll see them at festivals) to the fiesta for the village saint.  There will be stories, new and old musical instruments, poetry, the off-stage voice of Zamba Negra, the serpent, puppets and something called a bululú (which might be an out of control crowd).

XIII Bienal prizes – 3 of the prizes that will be awarded at the Bienal have names with a national identity and significance – Julían Matadero, El Guaraguao, and Piedra de Sal.

Molino de agua – Miller Lagos, a Colombian artist participating in the Bienal, built a water mill on one of the channels in parque Paraíso.  (Wonder if that’s a case of his living up to his names?) His mill recalls the oldest construction in Cuenca which was a mill in Todos Santos.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Cenizas y muerte tras los incendios (Ashes and death after fire) – There are 9 new fires in Azuay.   The governor of Azuay indicated the need for an emergency declaration to control the fires.  (Blow the fires out with political hot air?  Does the emergency declaration get you federal assistance?) Investigations to find those responsible for the fires has started. Penalties for starting fires are stiff ranging from 3-6 mo. in jail to a fine equal to 100% of the cost of restoring what was damaged. (So remember what you learned from Smokey the Bear about preventing forest fires.)  Fires burned 300 hectares just over the past weekend and a total of 2,800 so far this month.  (I think the death referred to in the headline is of animals.)

Orchid exhibit – The national and international orchid show run until domingo in the Casa de la Provincia (Tomás Ordóñez y Bolívar)  (I think it used to be a convent and then a school.)  with delegates from Belgium, England, Taiwan and the US.

Elections – Juan Pablo Pozo, President of the CNE, has invited 4 international organizations to be elections observers in febrero OEA, UNASUR, UNIORE and A-WEB.

Conference – Researcher and speleologist Nelson Pineda Brito, will talk about the Cueva de los Tayos where there is supposed to be an extraterrestrial civilization living in its depths.  The conference is este (I’m sneaking in more Spanish) viernes at 18:30 in the Luisa de Jesús Cordero school on Hermano Miguel y Sucre.  Cost: $5.00.

Amenidades –

“Empodérate Mujer” (Some conjugation of to empower and woman) – Francisca Aguillar will bring her workshop to Cuenca on 10/12. The workshop lasts 8 hours and there are 13 spaces.  Time to be determined.  (Location, too, it seems.)

Internacional –

Colombia – The Government and FARC met yesterday to discuss implementation of the new peace agreement initialed on 12/11. The government negotiators also met with the leader of the “no” faction to explain the new agreement in detail.  The next step will be to take the referendum to the Congress.

Deportes –

Bicycle race/ride – Ruta de las Frutas (Fruits Route) – (I’m going to be very politically incorrect here, so if you’re easily offended, skip what’s in this parentheses. This ride is not only for gay people.)  The Primera Edición de la Ruta de las Frutas Bulán 2016 will be this sábado starting at 8:00 in the Bulán parish of Paute.  You can ride a 15 km route or a 33 km for more advanced cyclists.  Enter at Cikla de Cuenca, Bike Monkey, Podium, or Tecnocyclo.  Cost: $15.00 – includes a medallion, water, lunch and souvenir T-shirt for the first 20 entrants.

Discuentos y compras –

Comandato – Suzuki fest – 14% discount on “motos” (motorcycles) and “motores fuera de borda” (outboard motors – as if you were going to go motorboating on the rivers.  But it’ll be your words for the day in case you find a nice lake you can put a boat into.)

Tía – El Madrugón Navideño – 25% off – 24/11 for toys, textiles, home and Christmas articles, 25/11 on everything else but not including non-perishable food, recharging/refills and services – 7 am to 12 pm.

Graiman – Feria de Saldos (Bargains Fair) – up to 60% off all their products including tile, porcelanato, WCs, mosaics, faucets and more – 25/11 to 3/12 – 21-27/11.

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