Miércoles, 23/12/2015: Live music Saturday, Cuenca streets closed, Pase del Niño, Argentina owes Bolivia over $3 million

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Concierto – the Symphony performed chl jeanne logoa Christmas concert yesterday at 20:00 in the Catedral Vieja with acting director Patricio Mora and singer María Rosa Jerves.

Rap – a special edition of “Cara o Sello”, Batallas de Freestyle Rap Cuenca  (Heads or Tails, Freestyle Rap Battle) will be this Sat at 14:00 in Stencil PUB (Honorato Vazquez y Hermano Miguel).

Música – there will a concert with local artists in the Colgado Restaurante (Paseo 3 de Nov. y escalinatas de El Vado, sector Casa de los Arcos) this Sat at 16:00.

Articles about –

Explanations – as to why two museums almost lost water service and a third hasn’t had phone or internet for 13 months.  I saw “cruce de cuentas” (crossing of accounts?  Is that a real accounting term or more like “Your check is in the mail.”?) and references to meters and  an IP phone system, none of which I understood.

Artes y saberes (Arts and knowledge) – “Posada concierto. Feria de Saberes” will be at the Sono Estudio from tomorrow to Sat. from 10-21:00 in the Sono Estudio (Borrero 6-83 between Pres. Córdova y Juan Jaramillo). 30 local producers will show products expressive of their culture and history. There will be an opening concert on Sat at 18:00.  Fair – free.  Concert – $5.00

CCE elections – so far only one candidate with registration closing on Sun. at 6:00. Someone will be there to take the registration (or whatever those papers  are called that you need to file to be a candidate for office) Thu, Fri and Sat.  from 8-16:30 and Sun. from 00:00 to 06:00.  (Now that certainly is an accommodation to those people who do everything at the last minute.)

The Club de Música de la Escuela “Leoncio Cordero Jaramillo” (The Music Club at the LCJ School) – gave a concert at El Mercurio.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Padrino y priostes se preparan para Pase del Viajero (Godfather and priostes readying for the Pase del Viajero parade)  Parade cars are congregating at the El Otorongo redondel (roundabout).  The Niño took a plane ride to radiate his blessings in a new way and was wearing and olive green jacket and cap and blue pants with gold embroidery.  (This kid’s got clothes like Imelda had shoes.)

Traffic and street info for parade – I think the head of the line for the Pase del Niño parade is at the redondel at El Otorongo (Paseo 3 de Nov. y Simón Bolívar). The line will stretch back along Paseo 3 de Nov. to calle Los Cerezos. Bolívar will be closed and normal traffic will resume once the clean up squad has gone through. (The pooper scoopers – there are horses in this parade.)

San Francisco Plaza – vendors will be itinerant in the new plans and won’t have fixed locations.  The stalls will be movable to open up the plaza for public events.  (Right now, if they have an event, they just close General Torres to traffic.)  Other municipal buildings like CEMUART and Pasaje León would be vendor locations and storage. The Otavaleños under the arches would be moved to where the shoe sellers are. (No word as to where the shoe sellers would go.  I can see why this project’s gone on for almost 60 years and can’t get out of the design stage.)

Your sliver of life article is a cautionary one – EMAC EP is saying don’t burn your Año Viejo dummies on the Tranvia tracks or platforms which can contain flamable materials that could be destroyed.  You are also responsible for cleaning up the mess and leaving the pavement clean.

Runway fashion show – at the jail.  Women inmates in a clothing design and sewing workshop modeled their creations.  (The photo of the interior looks like a college campus assembly building.  Except almost everyone’s wearing orange.)

A large water project – opened on the coast.  It will regulate water flow in the Daule and Vinces Rivers, will cover 170,000 hectars, and will improve agriculture and fisheries.

Child labor – in Ecuador has been reduced from 16% in 2007 to less than 3% in 2015.  (Is that the percentage of children who work, or the percentage of children in the work force?  And does it include kids working on family land or businesses?) One of the most efficient strategies used to decrease child labor was free education.

Internacional –

Bolivia – revealed that Argentina owes it $300 million for natural gas. The account is two months in arrears, but there is a grace period of 3 months to pay the bill before Bolivia starts considering turning off the valve which would have a serious effect on the Argentine economy.  The Bolivian Minister of Economy and Public Finance attributed the delay in payment to the elections and change in government.

Colombia – Pres. Juan Manuel Santos signed a law allowing and regulating use of medical marihuana.

Bolivia – is talking to Peru about using a Peruvian port to export Bolivian products. (A geographical reminder – Bolivia is a landlocked country as is Paraguay)

Paraguay – flooding in Asunción from the río Paraguay has caused the evactuation of 72,500 people so far.  60,000 of these have been housed in some 100 government provided locations around the city.  The rest are with family members.

Deportes –

The 2016 Dakar Rally – will go through Argentina and Bolivia this year. According to the drivers, it’s the hardest rally in the world.

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