Miércoles, 24/2/2016: Cuenca planetarium is drawing big crowds; Cartoon exhibit; Rock concert

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Hola, Todos – 

This has nothing to do with translating the newspaper, but did I loan my driver´s education manual to anyone out there?  If I did, I need it back, please.chl jeanne logo

Pagina cultural – 

A Colombian film cycle – at the colectivo Lacomuna (on the stairs at El Otorongo) starts with “El vuelco del cangrejo” Wed. at 19:00.

Cartoon exhibit – until 5/3 at the Museo Pumapungo.  The 22 cartoon characters were created by children at the “casa de acogida” (shelter – your word for the day.  And a chance for most of you to reflect on how lucky you’ve been in your lives.), and youth in the Centro de Adolescentes Infractores (Juvie or Juvenile Hall in case Juvie isn’t your slang.)

Rock Concert – in Pop House (Doce (12) de Abril y San Roque) on Fri, 26/2 at 21:00 with  La Doble, an independent rock group formed in 2001, and Santa Muerte formed in 2014.  They fuse styles like gbues, stoner rock and psychobilly (are psychobillies the ones who ride around in white robes and cone shaped hats?).  Cost: $5.00.

Espectáculo  de magía (Spectacle of Magic) – this Sat, 27/2 at 11:00 in the sala “Vinicio Jáuregui” in the Centro Cultural Avispero (Calle Larga 10-41 under the Muso del Sombrero). There will be an intermission with refreshments.  Cost: $7.00 per child plus a companion.  (So can you get in if you aren’t with a child?  Does your inner child count?)

Articles about –

“Cuenca en Cuentos” (Cuenca in Stories) will feature 33 popular characters starting with “María, la guagua” Wed. at 20:00 in El Centro Cultural Sono (Pres. Córdova 6-83.  Cost: $5.00 includes a welcome cocktail.  (Did the show just get more attractive to you non-Spanish speakers?)  The Barojo theater group will present 14 characters in the series, held on the last Wed. of each month.  Other works to be shown are “Lucas y los fantasmas” on 26 & 27/2, a puppet show.

The Planetarium  which is preparing a new educational program for this year. In addition to movies and documentaries about the universe (wonder if they’ll include stuff like Invasion of the Body Snatchers?), there will be talks on various subjects including an exposition about the relationship between the water, mountains and the Andean cosmovision.  It’s preferred that you schedule your viewing at 407 9246 because of the large number of daily visitors. Around 150,000 people visit the Planetarium each year.

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