Miércoles, 28/12/2016: City gets military base to fund tram, Campaign season to begin, World’s best encebollada contest

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Undated agenda events –

Revista – Issue 42 of the magazine Historia de Procesos, published by the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar is in circulation and contains academic articles and book reviews.  (Better than Ambian.)

Mujeres artistas (women artists) – In  2017, the CCE of Guayas will be calling for women artists to create a work through the modality of applied arts with recycled materials.

Cinco sentidos (5 senses) – This cultural space (Tomás de Heres 7-58 y Francisco Tamariz, Cristo Rey sector) has been formed to promote culture between new generations.  For more info call 099 680 5102.  (I feel like that translation came out garbled like the toy assembly instructions that came out with early Japanese and Chinese exports.)

Articles about –

Magazine launch – The GOD/ART collective is launching a magazine about cinema tonight at 20:00 in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco Vintimilla” at the CCE.

“Un Viaje Festivo” (A Festive Journey) – The students of the CEDEI school put on a show at the Teatro Pumapungo.  (Sounds like it was a good show, too.)

Se allanan a veto de Ley de Cultura) – (The assembly did something with the law I don’t understand.)  It involved a vote of 84 yes and 28 abstentions in the Assembly and another vote of 98-13 in the Derogatoria Única, both of which se allanó (smoothed?) 20 articles in the Law that the Executive Branch objected to.

Dance residency – The Centro Danza Canal, a dependent of the Comunidad de Madrid, is offering professional residencies in dance for participants to research or carry out new projects. Applications are due by 11/1/2017.  Get more info at http:/www.teatroscanal.com/centro-danza-madrid/.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – La polémica Ley de Plusvalía aprobada (The controversial Law of Goodwill (says Google) approved) – See Wednesday’s article in CHL for more info.)

Train station – Demolition work on the old train station in the Gapal sector started on lunes.  A contractor is taking down water tower platforms and storage sheds.

Campaigning – El próximo martes is the official start of the 2017 election season. Nationally, 70 political organizations have been qualified to field 3,793 candidates. There are 8 pairs of candidates seeking the presidency and vice-presidency.

Seasonal Vendors – Vendors are switching out Christmas items and stocking with wigs and masks for New Year celebrations.  Look for them outside the Nueve de Octubre market and at the side of the New Cathedral.

Citimed Hotel – A new hotel in the medical area of Quito is being proposed to take advantage of the medical tourism market.

Concurso de Años Viejos – As of yesterday, the Amistad Club had received 3 entries: El Vado, Parque Iberia, and Plaza de las Flores.  The deadline for entering is viernes at 21:30.  The Club has to plan the route the caravan with the judge will take and tell the municipal transit authorities.

Military real estate – The two parcels of land at the Cayambe army base that the government is giving to Cuenca will be transferred in the next couple of days depending on the Minister of Defense’s schedule.  The Concejo Cantonal of Cuenca will have to approve a change in land use to allow warehousing and logistical uses for the industrial sector. It’s expected the sale of the land will bring about $20 million to continuar (Note: continue – not completar – to finish) the Tranvía project.

Encebollada contest – The Campeonato Mundial del Encebollado 2017 is inviting international competitors.  Restaurants, cevicherías, etc. have until 31/1/2017 to enter.  The finals will be in marzo during coastal vacations, at the Las Palmas beach. Those selected for the finals will get airfare for one representative and an assistant and the chance to show off your encebollada to about 25,000.  (My bet’s on some restaurant from Miami.)

Monigotes – Masks and dummies will be on sale this week with prices ranging from $1 on up, depending on the size and quality. A 10 foot tall (3 meters) dinosaur will cost about $180 at Miraflores.  Other sales areas include around the Estadio, 1 de Mayo, around Feria Libre and on Loja.  Do not burn your monigote on top of the Tranvía tracks.  (And you do know that you have to clean up the mess immediately.)

Amenidades –

Prohibido Centro Cultural – The XI encuentro de las Artes Subterráneas (The 11th meeting of the Subterranean Arts) will be on 29, 30, & 31/12 from 4:00.  Cost: $3.00.

Internacional –

Venezuela – Banks are still waiting to receive the new family of bills that were to substitute for the 100 Bolívares bill that Pres. Maduro took out of circulation on 15/12.  The 100 Bolívar note is the largest bill currently in circulation.  The new family of notes will have 500 as the smallest and up to 20,000.  (With the inflation there, printers might be scratching out the 2 on the 20,000 and stamping in 5.  I saw that on some war time Chinese postage stamps – values were over-stamped.)

Argentina – Ex President Cristina Fernández was indicted yesterday for corruption in association with a public works contract.

Discuentos y compras –

El Tucumán  Restaurante – Fin de Año espectacular y Feliz 2017 (A spectactular End of Year and Happy 2017) – dancing, noisemakers, glass of champagne, grapes at midnight – $35 for adults, $17.50 for kids – call (07) 289 2301 or 289 2302.

Ochoa’s sport – 20-60% off everything – shoes, jeans, busos (Google says it’s buses – in a sports clothing store?) and T-shirts – 28-31/12 – 9:30-20:00 – on Av. de las Américas next to Coral Centro – 402 4281.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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