Miércoles 7/6/2017: Noise control, Tranvía repairs, Cuenca pipeline investigated, Charangos festival, Inti Raymi celebration

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

International Conference – A Cuencan doctor is participating in a medical conference in Havana, Cuba.  <?>

Conversatorio – A discussion on “Los derechos Humanos como pilar de responsibilidad social empresarial” (Human rights as a pillar of corporate social responsibility) will be held Thurs. at 9:00 at the U. of Cuenca.  <Did any of you go to these kinds of things before you moved to Cuenca?  Only if it was a job requirement?>

Charla – The training school, “Respira y Sonríe” (Breathe and Smile) will hold a masters conference Thurs. at 19:00 in the Salón de la Ciudad on “Palabras de amor y sabiduría” (Words of love and wisdom).

Inti Raymi – The comunidad of Zhuracpamba  <I think those little clusters of houses with maybe a tienda or other little business that dot country roads are “communities” which are in a parish and a canton.>  is organizing a celebration of Inti Raymi on sábado, 17/6 which will run all day.  The fiesta is to give thanks for the harvest and the start of a new agricultural cycle.

Articles about –

Encuentro Nacional de Artes Escénicas – This performing arts festival started yesterday and will run the whole week. Today’s performance will be “El Loco” by Francisco “Pancho” Aguirre at 19:00 in the “Fabían Carrasco” Auditorium at the Yanuncay campus of the U. of Cuenca.  Mañana at 20:00 “En la Frente” (At the Front) by Rocío Pérez will be at the Unidad de Cultura of the U. of Cuenca.  On viernes at 19:30 there will be a contemporary dance performance in the capilla (chapel) of the Museo de la Medicina, conceived and directed by Ernesto Ortiz.  At 20:00, the festival will close with “Transfiguración” by Cristina Bustos in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.

Festival de Charangos – Argentinean Jaime Torres will be the special guest performer at the festival Thurs. and viernes at 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.  <I hope there two stages at that theater because if the articles are accurate, they’ve booked 2 events.>

Calle del Artista – This “street” runs along the wide sidewalk on Sucre between Padre Aguirre and Benigno Malo. Currently is is full of musicians from guitarists to a puppeteer whose marionette “BG” is made of toilet paper and paint.  A Venezolana self taught guitarist works from 10-13:00 and from 15-17:00 seven days a week, earning about $20/day.

Opening – The exhibit “Espíritu Libre” by Migjuel Ángel Cajlima opened Wed. at the Galería de la Alcaldia.  The artist’s subjects are horses – singly, in herds, running, standing, etc.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Poliducto de Odebrecht es indagado (Odebrecht polyduct is questioned) – In 10 days, the Comisión Nacional Anticorrupción of Azuay, composed of various citizens’ collectives, will issue information about the Pascuales-Cuenca polyduct which was built by Odebrecht between 2013 and 2016.  The pipeline carries super and extra gas, diesel, and liquified petroleum gas to 7 southern provinces.  There is a terminal in Challuabamba.  <How else would you get all those petroleum products here – in tanker trucks on those mountain roads?>

Noise control – In a pilot plan, 3 gas tank trucks were fitted with a “dispositivo” (device/gadget) that will play “Por eso te quiero Cuenca” (That’s why I love Cuenca) instead of honking their horns.  There will be controls on fixed sources of noise as well, including from industry, factories, commercial activities and night life locations. Sanctions can include fines and closure for repeat violations.  To complain about fixed noise sources call 4134-900 ext. 1644, and for moving sources, such as cars and trucks, go to EMOV. You will need to provide your personal data as well as a description and location of the noise.  <Their names are Yappy and Yippy.>

Tranvía repair work – The intersections of Estévez de Toral, Gran Colombia and Mariscal La Mar around the 3 de Noviembre market will be closed to repair damage to the Tranvía platform caused by heavy vehicle traffic.  Work is expected to last 10 days with use of prefabricated materials and quick setting concrete.  Miguel Vélez and Miguel Heredia are suggested as alternate routes.  The 27, 50, & 100 bus lines will change their routes slightly.

Centro Múltiple Municipal – The 100 year old house at Bolívar y Tarqui has been restored for to provide medical attention with medical and dental consultants and a pharmacy.

Accidental shooting – A woman was accidentally shot by a security guard at a financial services business on González Suárez.  The passerby was shot in the shoulder and the wound was minor.  <So now now you know.  Those kids guarding businesses have loaded guns.  Make you feel any safer?>

Moto sales – In 2013, 4,520 motos and motonetas (motorcycles & scooters) were registered in Cuenca.  That increased to 10,219 in 2016. Most of them were imported from China and many of them were assembled in Ecuador.  There was a graphic showing the costs of buying and maintaining a moto.

Internacional –

Brazil – The “cerco jurídico” (legal fence) around Pres. Michel Temer just got smaller with the arrest of Henrique Eduardo Alves, an exminister close to the Pres.  <I wonder if he thinks all the machinations to remove Rousseff are worth it now.  I think “hoist with his own petard” fits his situation.>

Deportes –

5K – There will be a run against drugs on domingo, 25/6 that will occur in Ecuador and other countries. Register at www.policiaecuador.gob.ec until viernes, 23/6.  The route will be the linear park along av. Pumapungo behind the El Jardin buildings.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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