Miércoles, 9/3/2016: Cancer hospital debt is overstated, gov’t says, Animal protection ordinance, Road washout, Housing needed

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming events –

Concert – by the Orquesta Sinfónica de Cuenca in honor of the Alianza Francesa this Fri. at the teatro Pumapungo. William Vergara Saula will conduct with guest pianist (Albania) Redi LLupa playing “un amplio reportorio” (a wide reportoire).chl jeanne logo

Ongoing or past events –

Theater, puppet and poetry event – on the theme of the Woman last night at the CCE.

Book launch – of “10 años de Ana y Milena” (who are comic strip characters – El Mercurio doesn’t have a comics or puzzle section – too bad.) tonight at 20:00 in República Sur.

Articles about –

CCE (Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana Núcleo del Azuay) is opening extensions in Sígsig, Gualaceo, Paute, Girón and Santa Isabel. (I hope the director knows what he’s doing and these don’t become over-extensions.)

Evelyn Johnson – a painter from San Francisco, now retired and living in Ecuador after having explored more than 60 countries. Her show, “Visiones del Ecuador,” opened last night and continues in the Galería Larrazábal on San Sebastián Plaza, next to the San Sebas Cafe.

Quinta Bolívar – is digitalizing its library of books and magazines donated by family members of people who have streets named after them. It estimates it can enter 4 books a day into the Municipal Library Program.

Danza en la Calle – performed yesterday (If they were out there, they were dancing in the rain.) in the Plaza del Farol (Doce de Abril y Loja).

Otras cosas –

Titular – Pacientes defienden autonomía de SOLCA (Patients defend autonomy of SOLCA) The Finance Minister says the gov’t owes Solca about $50 million and not the $130 Solca claims. $27 million is owed for patients referred from public hospitals. $25 mil was transfered last week, and $10 more in the upcoming weeks so that the hospital will have enough money to attend patients. Of Solca’s 12,800 patients each year, 2,280 are referred from public hospitals.

A banker – charged with fraud against Banco de Guayaquil was captured in Honduras where he had been living since 2009. The accused was a branch bank manager in 2006 & 7. (So how come they can’t get the Isiah brothers out of Miami?)

Vehicle washes – the city should approve the Urban Plan which provides for relocating the heavy vehicle (including buses) washes from next to the Tomebamba in Monay to Capulispamba at the end of this month.

Protection of Domestic Animals Ordinance – will have its 2nd and final debate this Mon. It was approved in the 1st debate in Jan, 2015. The ordinance has articles with prohibitions on administering substances prejudicial to animals and abandoning them in public and private spaces. Owners have to guarantee vet attention including vaccines and anti-parasite medicines.

Road advice – the way to go to Machala is now through Uzhcurrumi.

Rain and hail in Cuenca – the photo shows a slope that looks like it’s covered in snow. (Snow and palm trees – does not compute.) Trees fell on the autopista Cuenca-Azogues and rocks onto av. De Las Américas and in Quinta Chica. The forecast is 80% chance of rain today, 100% tomorrow, 50% on Fri, and 80% on Sat. (So – your umbrella – don’t leave home without it.)

The Municipal Tourism Foundation – has a booth in the Feria ITB, the biggest tourism fair in Germany. (Be ready for tall blondes in shorts, Birkenstocks and hauling backpacks.)

Housing and poverty – there are tenements in the center of Cuenca with families paying from $80/mo. for rooms. For example, on one floor of a house, 7 families share a bathroom and laundry area. Some of the families came to Cuenca years ago from neighboring cities to find work. (Can you imagine living with your own family in one room with the bath down the hall for longer than a weekend getaway?)

Internacional –

Venezuela – The opposition in the Assembly is looking for constitutionally legal ways to “poner fin” (put an end) to Maduro’s presidency.

Perú – one of two candidates excluded from the presidential elections is protesting. He was excluded from the running because he gave money to an association of businesses affected by a mudslide. This was against the law. (Would what he did be vote buying and disguising it as philanthropy?)

Perú – 470 families were affected by flooding in the areas around Piura and Tumbes near the Ecuadorian border. (Another thing to consider if you’re planning on a road trip to Perú.)

Argentina – A fire on the San Martín commuter train line left 30 injured, none seriously.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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