Military parade on Huayna Cápac, Battle of the bands in Parque de la Madre, New crafts fair, Short films festival, Holiday events continue

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Jueves, 22/11/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

Museos – “Cuenca, Ciudad de los Cinco Sentidos” (Cuenca, City of Five Senses) is a program to visit the museums. It is hoy, de 10-21:00 and will start in the Museo Remigio Crespo Toral.

Danza – The Galería Miguel Illescas presented the Warmy Kinti folk dance troupe Thurs.

Desfile – There was a fashion parade Thurs. in the Economuseo Casa del Sombrero with garments made of “paja toquilla” (straw).

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Feria – The feria of Arte, Creación y Tradición <I bet those “learn Spanish in 5 seconds” sites just give you a list of cognates.> is from Thurs. hasta el domingo, a las 10-22:00 in the Casa de la Provincia. The expo was organized by local jewelry workshops.

Elección – There will be an all day event Fri. in the parque de Miraflores. The Consortium of Parish Governing Bodies will have a special program associated with the election of the Chola Cuencana 2017.

Workshop – The artist “Vera Vera Primavera” <Think maybe that’s the artistic equivalent of a stage name or a nom de plume?> will give a workshop called “Intervenciones Callejeras” (Street Interventions) on 6-7/11 from 9-18:00 in the auditorium of the Pasaje León. From the 8-10th she will do something artistic around the San Francisco Plaza and on calle Rafael María Arízaga. <If anyone sees her, please let me know what she did.>

Articles about –

Exhibit – “¿Es inútil sublevarse? La Artefactoría, Arte y Comentario Social en el Guayaquil de los Ochenta” (Is it useless to rise up/rebel/revolt? The Artifactoría, Art and Social Commentary in the Guayaquil of the Eighties) is showing in the Museo de las Conceptas after a year in Guayaquil.

OSC – The Symphony played a program of movie music <I think I remember that there’s a specific word for that, but now that I’m learning Spanish my brain doesn’t have enough room for English so it’s been deleting stuff randomly.> from movies such as Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Superman, Star Trek, etc. Thurs. in the parque de Miraflores.

Chile – The Chilean embassy celebrated the birthday of artist, poet, and craftswoman Violeta Parra, who would have been 100, with a forum this morning at Librimundi. A delegation from Concepción, Chile including 4 artists, is planning a show of their work.

Feria de Chaguarchimbana – This fair opened Thurs. a las 11:00 in the Barrio de las Herrerías. “Vulcano” (the sculpture of the guy emerging from a volano) will be specially lit with red to imitate flames. The iron workers will also open their workshops to demonstrate their craft. The show continues through Sun.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Celebración con desfile ecológico (Celebration with ecological parade) – 950 students from 13 institutions participated in the “Nuestro Plantea (sic) Limpio y Verde” (Our Planet Clean and Green) parade with the theme of natural elements such as water, air, land and wind.

2018 budget – The Government submitted a $34.853 billion budget to the Assembly yesterday. The Assembly has 30 days to approve the budget. The Consejo de Administración Legislativa (CAL – Legislative Administration Council) will meet el próximo lunes to qualify the documents for distribution to the pertinent parliamentary commissions. <Sorry Pres. Moreno, but you didn’t dot the “i” on page 476, line 14. Please resubmit with the correction, in triplicate, with new original signatures.>
The budget is based on a fiscal deficit of 3.9%, the price of oil at $41.92/barrel, 2.4% growth in the economy, and an inflation rate of 1.38%. The nominal GDP should be $104.021 billion.

Crown – The gold laurel crown presented to poet Remigio Crespo Toral a hundred years ago will be shown starting el sábado a las 19:00 in the Museo Remigio Crespo (Calle Larga y Antonio Borrero).

Short film contest – “Luces, cámara, derechos” (Lights, camera, rights) is a contest to commemorate International Human Rights Day which is on 10/12. Submit your maximum 5 min. long film from 6-27/11. Go to

Bandas del Pueblo – This battle of the bands will be el domingo a las 14:00 in the parque De La Madre.

Activities –
La Feria Tierra Azuaya – Friday. desde 10-20:00 at the Hostería Caballo Campana – show of agricultural products and a futbolín championship.
Expo & Gourmet Produazuay – Until el sábado in the Casa de la Provincia (across from the parque San Blas) – gastronomy of Azuay, Ecuador and international.
Desfile Cívico Militar – Friday a las 10:00 on av. Huayna Cápac starting at the Chola Cuencana redondel to Calle Larga.

Descuentos y compras –

65 Feria Agropecuaria (Agricultural Fair) – 2-5/11 – New Fairground – Estación de Cumbe (with buses from Feria Libre) – showing and judging of horses and cows – Jersey, Brown Swiss and Holstein. <Sounds like the traditional mid-western county fair. Without the Home Ec. stuff. You do remember Home Ec. don’t you? How young do you have to be to not have experienced Home Ec or Shop?>

RM – 15% discount on all clothing – from 1-3/11 – Conditions apply, no discount on already discounted items.

El Tucumán Restaurante – Noche Cuencana, viernes, 3/11 a las 19:00 – buffet of typical Cuencana food <beware, cuy is on the table> – includes a welcome canelazo, Banda de Pueblo, dance group, castillo (castle), Vaca Loca (Crazy Cow), fireworks, and a DJ until 2 am. – for reservations go to or call 07 289 2301, 07 289 2302 or 97 289 2485 or WhatsApp at 099 284 0985 – $30/person incl. taxes.

Benoit Audífonos (hearing aids) – Free hearing exam – 40% discounts on all models – 4 year guarantee – free batteries for 4 years – Federico Proaño y Honorato Loyola (Santa Inés Hosp. sector).

ETAFASHION – 3×2, buy 3 pay for 2 – 29/10-5/11 – for men, women, children, shoes, purses and accessories.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


<PS. I just remembered the word. It’s a soundtrack.>


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