Millions more vaccines arrive as demand soars; City brags about big projects; Week’s vaccine schedule; Ecuador not in top 10 Latam Covid deaths list

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Lunes, 19/7/2021

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

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Carapaz, histórico – Richard Carapaz, the “Locomotora del Carchi,” took 3d place in the Tour de France and started his trip to the Tokyo Olympics. See Monday’s article in CHL for the story.

Cuenca –

Weekly schedule for Phase 3: Menor Contagio (1st or 2nd doses)
First doses, population by age for lunes, 19/7 to domingo, 25/7
Lunes, 19 – 34-33 years
Martes, 20 – 32-31 years
Miércoles, 21 – 30-29 years
Jueves, 22 – 28-27 years
Viernes, 23 – 26-25 years
Sábado, 24 – 24-23 years and laggards
Domingo, 25 – 22-21 years and laggards
Anyone older than 16 with aggravated illnesses – lunes, 19 to viernes, 25.

Sector automotriz repunta en ventas (Sales in automotive sector rebound) – Roque Ochoa of Automotores ROCAR said that auto sales, purchases, and consignments are slowly reactivating. Due to the pandemic there was a decrease of 10-15% in the sales of new and nearly new cars since people were fearful of making the investment. He is now more optimistic about the medium and long term future. He said that high-turnover vehicles have increased during the pandemic including pickup trucks, mini camiones (mini trucks) and camiones. People are buying vehicles with beds to transport and sell products. Autos and vans are not selling as well since school buses are not being used during the pandemic.

Juan Fernando Hinostroza, general manager of Recordmotor y Asicar, said that last June, they sold 10,700 vehicles nationally, and compared it to average monthly sales of 11,500-12,000 before the pandemic. He was optimistic about the reactivation of the economy, and that people have the money for new cars and confidence in the stability of the new Government. Another indicator for growth is that Ecuadorians, and especially Cuencanos have a “cultura automotriz” in which they want to constantly improve the car they have. <Might be good for the ego, but no so good for the planet.>

Vaccine deliveries to Ecuador are rising as more people line up for their shots.

27% más se recaudó en primer semestre (27% more was collected in the first semester) – According to data from the SRI in the 1st six months of the year, $338,565,000 in taxes have been collected, an increase of 27% from 2020. For José Luis Vázquez, the zone 6 coordinator of the SRI, the IVA is a thermometer for economic activity. With the IVA for goods and services, Azuay registered $100 million and with declarations, it registered $40 million. Another indicator of improvement is that the IVA from imports increased 59%. In Azuay, this type of tax was related to vehicles, machinery, ceramics and white goods. The goal for the country is to collect $12,200 million which would be an increase of 3.5% over 2020, but less than 2019 in which over $14,000 million was collected.

Publirreportaje – Special page

El trabajo nunca paró pese la la emergencia sanitaria (The work never stopped despite the health emergency) – The article describes the work done by the Municipalidad during the pandemic to keep its citizens safe and with basic necessities and services. These projects included:
Doubling the installations of community alarms, adding 1315 families to the service.
Implementing 14 new audio and video alert systems in public spaces and 737 interinstitutional control operations.
Starting the Tranvía service.
Road paving projects.
Housing projects benefitting 658 families with their own houses.
90% of municipal paperwork was digitalized with CuencaEnLinea and CuencaDoc.
97.06% of Cuencanos have potable water and 95.38% are on public sewers.
Sterilization of more than 3,800 dogs and cats in parishes and communities.
Helped over 80,400 people with the Asistencia Social y Humanitaria program.

Sucesos –

Clausuran prostíbulo clandestino (Clandestine brothel closed) – Authorities closed a clandestine brothel in a house between Manuel Vega y Rafael María Arízaga in the historic zone. They found various people, a large amount of alcoholic drinks and preservativos <remember that word of the day?> as an indication of the use of the property. The último sábado, authorities also conducted a control to verify that none of the brothels in the zona de tolerancia were functioning since authorization for reopening has not been given. Authorities are analyzing the possibility of reopening 5 brothels in the Cayambe barrio with 30% occupancy, and no sales or consumption of alcohol.

Region –

“La Churonita” tendrá 14 trajes; aguardan romería (“La Churonita” will have 14 costumes; they await pilgrimage) – After a suspension of the multi-day pilgrimage in honor of the Virgen de El Cisne last year, people are preparing for the event this agosto even though national authorities have not decided how the fiesta in the Santuario de la Virgen de El Cisne will be held this year. Bladimir Torres, a 25 year old who has been making clothing for the Virgen de El Cisne since he was 12, is making 13 outfits adorned with beads, perals and sequins. Piedad Soto has been hand embroidering costumes for the Virgen for 45 years and is making a white dress this year.

En Azuay se ejecutan 24 proyectos de riego (24 irrigation projects are being carried out in Azuay) – The Gobierno Provincial del Azuay is carrying out 24 irrigarion projects in various cantons. These include 3 systems in the Molleturo parish of Cuenca, La Asunción parish in Girón, in Pucará canton, and the Tomebamba parish in Paute. 6,650 hectares will be irrigated with 5,400 families benefitting. The objective is to improve agricultural and ranching activities to reactivate the local economy.

Nacional –

Llegan 3 millones más de vacunas (3 million more vaccines arrive) – 278,800 doses of AstraZeneca arrived in the early hours of el sábado, and 3 million of Sinovac arrived ayer. To now, 10,748,455 doses have arrived in Ecuador. <Sure seems like China is winning on the vaccine diplomacy front.> There were massive vaccination mingas in Quito and Guayaquil ayer with plans to immunize over 22,000 people over age 16 at each minga. There were 100 vaccination tables installed inside the Coliseo General Rumiñahui in Quito. Those invited to be vaccinated included secondary school students, athletes in the neighborhood leagues, and transportistas and their families. (Transportistas – those engaged in the business of tranport. Your mini-lesson for the day. As in barista (ista) who is the one pouring your drink.)

Mundo –

Old news from sábado, 17/7

Covid-19 en América Latina (Covid-19 in Latin America) – Two graphs show the top 10 Latin American countries for deaths per 100,000 population and for the percentage of population that has received 1 dose. Mortality rates are highest in Perú with 599.33 deaths per 100,000, followed by Brasil with 255.36, Colombia – 228.12, Argentina – 224.07, Paraguay – 200.44, México – 184.78, Chile – 180.49, Uruguay – 169.42, Panamá – 157.17, and Bolivia- 150.92. The top 10 Latin American countries for percentages of vaccinations are Uruguay with 69.8, Chile – 69.6, Rep. Dominicana – 49.9, Argentina – 47.4, Brasil – 43.5, Costa Rica – 33.8, El Salvador – 29.3, México – 28.8, Colombia – 28.4, and Cuba – 28.4. <Interesting that Ecuador is on neither of these lists. Low vaccination rates, but also low death rates. Maybe because of high compliance rates with biosecurity measures? Or under reporting?>

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