Mini-bus accident west of Cuenca kills four members of a touring orchestra

Sep 15, 2016 | 0 comments

A mini-bus plunged over a Cajas Mountain cliff early Wednesday, killing four members of the Urakan Tropical orchestra, including the lead singer. Sixteeen others were seriously injured in the crash, including 12 members of the Guayaquil-based band.

Rescue workers at bus crash site.

Rescue workers at bus crash site. (El Tiempo)

Although the cause of the accident is still being investigated, national police say that the bus broke through a guard rail on the Guayaquil – Cuenca highway and fell about 500 feet into a ravine. Due to the steep terrain, rescue workers had to rapel down the cliff with ropes to recover the dead and inured.

The accident occurred near Molleturo, 35 miles west of Cuenca.

Guayaquil radio personality Rommel Ramos said that Viviana Loor, the orchestra’s lead vocalist is among those killed in the accident. “I know several members of the orchestra and am shocked by this tragedy,” he said.

Tropical Urakan was known for its tropical music and performed frequently in Cuenca,” according the band’s webpage.


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