Ministry of Health conducts inspections of ‘natural’ health products, shuts down two stores

Jul 25, 2019 | 4 comments

The Ministry of Health has carried out a series of inspections of so-called natural health products, closing two stores and ordering vendors at two markets to discard outdated and unapproved products.

Some vendors at the 10 de Agosto market were inspected Monday.

Conducted on Monday and Tuesday by the ministry’s health regulation, control and surveillance agency (Arcsa), the inspections are intended to protect the public from dangerous or unregulated products, according to Diana Rodríguez, regional ministry director.

Two unidentified stores were closed as a result of the inspections for selling unapproved products. “Our job is to make sure vendors comply with the law and that the public is not sold products or services that could be harmful to health,” says Rodríguez.

Among the products seized and destroyed during the operations were syrups, pills and salves said to boost sexual prowess and to cure diabetes, cancer and hangovers. Many of the prohibited products were sold on the second-floor of the 10 de Agosto market in Calle Larga.

In addition to unapproved products, Rodríguez said others carried expired dates. She added that no arrests were made at the markets that were inspected and that the closed stores would be allowed to reopen when they comply with health standards.


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