More bike paths, Gov’t floats $2.5 billion bond issue, City offers self-defense classes, Oktoberfest activities, Holiday agendas available,

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Viernes, 20/10/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda events –

Concierto – Altiplano de Chile will bring their “El Reencuentro” (Reunion) tour to Cuenca on 26/10 a las 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.

Auditions – Roles in “Cabalgata Nocturna” are being cast Saturday in the auditorium of the Museo Remigio Crespo from 10-14:00. The producers are looking for women 16-20 to play the daughters of 2 characters, and women 25-40 to play 3 other characters. <Since the book is about a riding event, they might be looking for “jinetes” (riders) eventually. If they do, dress nouveau riche.>

Teatro – “El más fuerte” (The strongest), freely adapted from August Strindberg´s “La más fuerte” will be presented el próximo miércoles a las 18:00 y 20:30 in the Sucré, Salé y Café (Luis Cordero entre Bolívar y Sucre).

Articles about –

“La Banda Mocha” – This group of 12 – 4th generation Afro-Ecuatoriano musicians from the Valle del Chota played in Cuenca on instruments made from materials around them – orange leaves, and “puros,” made from subtropical gourds. The continued existence of the band is not guaranteed. <Poor peoples’ music. Now I’m cheating because I went on line to learn more. It was in Spanish. The band is believed to be the last one of its kind and the members are generally elderly with no interest from younger generations. <If you went to the concert – you heard a little bit of a disappearing history.>

Charla – There was a talk by Venezuelan Michels Skwierinski <I really wonder what a Latin American airport announcer would make of that name.> this afternoon about the importance of casting. <As an example – imagine Tom Cruise or Vin Diesel playing Hamlet or even Henry V.>

Symphony – The OSC will play 4 concerts that started Thurs. night. The 2nd was Fri. in the Catedral Vieja, and the 3d is el domingo a las 11:00 in the Catedral Vieja. On miércoles, 25/10 a las 20:00, the 4th concert will be in the Catedral de Azogues in honor of their fiestas. The program will include “Felicidad” by Arturo Vilela; a work by Antonin Dvorak with guest cellist Francisco Vila, an Ecuadorian living in Denmark; and the 5th Symphony by Joan Sibelius.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Abuso sexual a estudiantes en al Austro (Sexual abuse of students in the South) – After a series of revelations about sexual abuse at schools in Guayaquil and Quito, with more than 900 victims, the Ministry of Education is adopting several emergency measures. Since 2014, there have been 60 cases in the Zone 6 (Azuay, Cañar y Morona Santiago) First will be a psychometric and psychological evaluation of 155,000 teachers and staff in public, private, fiscomisionales (I think some kind of public/private or religious blend) and municipal schools within the next 45 days. Those who don’t pass will be dismissed. The “Cero Tolerancia” (Zero Tolerance) national crusade was presented ayer.

Exposalud holistica – La Red Holistica de Cuenca will have a holistic health fair mañana in the Convention Center at the Mall del Río a las 10:00 hasta las 15:00, sponsored by the Vegetable Bar (Jarcarandá y Paseo Tres de Noviembre) with exhibitors of traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic, herbal remedies, natural foods and more.

Independencia de Cuenca – The schedule of activities for the fiestas celebrating 197 years of independence was presented ayer and contains 300 activities until 30/11. The agenda is available at city iTur offices.

Bike paths – The City of Cuenca has signed a contract for the construction of 6.89 km. of bike paths. The map shows the paths mostly in El Ejido, south of El Centro between Avs. Loja and Paucarbamba with a section along 3 de Noviembre out to the “Balzay” campus of the U. of Cuenca. Work will start this month on 6.89 km. including Tadeo Torres, Agustín Cueva, Alfonso Moreno Mora, Luis Moreno Mora, Remigio Tamariz y Tres de Noviembre. Work on the rest will start in 3/2018. According to a study by Llacta Lab – Ciudades Sustenables, between 2 and 2.5% of the 600,000 population uses bikes regularly, mostly for trips under 4 km. Another 7% would like to use a bike, but doesn’t because of lack of security. <I think riding a bike would be scarier than crossing the Autopista on foot.>

Bonds – Ecuador floated a new bond issue for $2.5 billion for 10 years at an interest rate of 8.875% in the international market which contributed to a loss of 563 points in Ecuador’s risk rating <or something like that>. Public debt up until septiembre, 2017 was at $29.040 billion of which $28.145 is external.

Bailoterapia – People who go to the bailoterapias organized by the city will be trained in violence prevention, self esteem, self determination <I credit all the women who came to Cuenca solo with a long history of self determination>, and personal defense. There will be 52 locations, both urban and rural, in Cuenca for 2018.

Pagina Intercultural – The article is about La Mama Yachac, a symbol of women’s knowledge.

Amenidades –

Oktoberfest 2017 – Colegio Alemán Stiehle de Cuenca invites the public to share a day with games, traditional German food and activities for all ages. <Does that include a place to nap after all that traditional German food?> – sábado 21/10 a las 10:00.

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations. The following movies open this week. All movies are in Esp. except where noted.

2D & 3D – Condorito
2 & 3D – Geotormenta
2D – Geotormenta – Sub.
2D – Tal vez mañana <What you’re told when you find out that the store is out of (fill in the blank).>
2D – Feliz Día de tu muerte

The following movies are continuing and all are in 2D.

Línea mortal: al limite
Blade runner 2049
Horas exhustas
Kingsman 2
Duro de cuidar
Solo es una más

Deportes –

5K Ruta de los ríos – The U. of Azuay (UDA) is organizing the first 5.0K Route of the rivers on 19/11 at 9:00. The route will be from the Hospital del Río to the UDA campus along 24 de Mayo. Register at until 15/11. Free race training will be every day from 5-19:00 in the UDA gym. Cost: $10.00 and $7.00 for UDA students and staff.

Discuentos y compras –

Superstock – Christmas toy event – 21 & 22/10 from 10-19:00 – Christmas salón in the patio behind Superstock (av. Américas y Juan Larrea) – contact or call 07 402 4444 <a very bad luck number for Chinese>, 402 4943, 098 058 3183, or 099 446 2550.

Juan Eljuri – Feria de saldos – discounts up to 60% – 3-19/11 from 9-19:00, Lunes-Sab & 10-17:00, Dom.

Buenhogar – New Christmas collection.

Oktoberfest at the Golden Prague Pub – Alfonso Cordero 2-41 y Manuel J. Calle, across from Supermaxi El Vergel – 10, 21, & 22/10 – live music, games and European food.

Sukasa – drawing for an everything paid European tour for 2 – one entry for every $100 in purchases – 21/10/17 – 7/1/18 – restrictions apply.

Kia – Rio from $16,990, Cerato Forte from $20,990, & Sportage R from $27,990 incl. IVA – from 25% down with up to 60 mo. term.

Superstock – sábado y domingo – 10-50% off footwear, covers, sheets and duvets.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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