More holiday events from the Fiestas de Cuenca: Special edition of Jeanne’s Periodico

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Fiestas de Cuenca, 25/10/2023

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

Some more extra time with a few minutes to fill.

Coro y orquesta preparan obra de Pietro Fascagni – The chorus and U. of Cuenca symphony and several soloists, will perform “Cavalleria Rusticana on el 9 & 10/11 a las 20:00 in the Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz. Free.

“Pedro y el Lobo, teatro musical en única función – There will be 1 performance of Peter and the Wolf <I listened to that often when I was little and still love it.> will be performed by the University Symphony with the dance part performed by the U. of Cuenca Compañía de Danza el sábado, 28/11 a las 19:00 in the Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz. Free.

Obra “Sinfonía Creativa” da protagonismo al barro – The exhibit, “Sinfonía Creativa” will show works in clay by Rosana Soledad Fernández de Córdoba. The show, in the vestibule of the Palacio Municipal (City Hall – Sucre between Cordero y Benigno Malo) will run until el viernes, 27/10.

Agenda de fiestas de Cuenca –
27/10, 18:00 – Batalla de rap y exhibición de grafiti – Puento Roto.
28/10, 8:00 – Ruta del árbol más bonito (Route of the prettiest tree) – Parque Calderón.
29/10, 11:00 – Show musical – Glorieta del Parque Calderón.
30/10, 19:00 – Cine al anochecer (Sunset cinema), Cementerio Patrimonial.
31/10, 11:00 – Exposición del escudo (coat of arms) del Ecuador – Biblioteca de Cumbe.

To see the full agenda, click here.

Comerciantes se unen y harán “la colada morada más grande” (Merchants unite and will make “the biggest purple laundry”) <Do you still put all your faith in a translation program to communicate with Spanish speakers? And when they start laughing hysterically you have no idea why?> – The itinerant platforms at El Arenal, Miraflores, Totoracocha, 27 de Febrero y Patamarca have joined organize a series of activities as a run up to the independencia de Cuenca. El martes, 31/10, from 8-16:00, they will be at the Miraflores platform with a spinning top contest, a musical festival and the election of the cholita for the market platforms. They will also make the biggest colada morada <or purple laundry if you prefer that> in Cuenca to share with the public. You also get a guagua de pan. Free.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? <Hopefully not until after my vacation is over. It feels like pre-retirement. Never had a vacation when I didn’t have to do some work.>



Byron Quito – DentastiQ


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