More officials suspected of corruption, Carnaval events, Two-day horseback ride, Organic certification

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Viernes, 2/2/2018

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

Cine – El Prohibido Centro Cultural screened Michael Moore’s ¿Qué pedimos ahora? (Where to Invade Next) a las 19:00.

Exhibit – “Mi arte contra la bestia” (My art against the beast) by Jorge Chalco opened Friday a las 19:00 in the Salón del Pueblo of the CCE. It’s an exhibit of his “arte-denuncia” (protest art). <So don’t expect the fantastical jungle views. .>

Upcoming agenda events –

The Cuenca Symphony Orchestra – In a tribute to the 35th anniversary of the group “Quimera” (Chimera), the Orquesta Sinfónico de Cuenca will perform el 8 & 9/2 a las 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz. Cost: $10 & $15.

Articles about –

Muestra (Show) – A show by Stéfano Rubira includes objects, paintings, sculpture, photographic installation with old fotos, and a huge work in wood which marks the beginning of the exhibit. It opened Friday in the Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno (MMAM).

Talk – A talk by Nelson Pineda Brito about the Cueva de los Tayos was Friday in the CCE. In 8 years, he has explored the caves 12 times. He also talked about Juan Morris, an earlier explorer who reported seeing “carros de fuego” (chariots of fire?), figurines, and giant 6 meter skeletons. The talk will be accompanied with videos, fotos and images.

Book launch – Teodoro Jerves Jerves, author of “Mi Pueblo y la Tradición Andina” (My People and the Andean Tradition), presented this unpublished book about the history of Guachapala at a Municipal solemn session celebrating the 23d anniversary of the canton. The 920 page book includes 816 B&W and 12,80 color photos and 144 drawings by olden day and contemporary artists.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Vigente el silencio electoral en el país (Electoral silence prevails in the country) – The end to campaigning was at 0:00 el viernes. This starts a period of reflection on the vote. The dry law also went into effect. <Not only is voting mandatory, you’re also supposed to think about it while sober.>

Corruption investigations – A.G. Carlos Baca is investigating the Alvarado Espinel brothers, Vinicio and Fernando, as well other close members of the families, for “movimientos económicos inusuales” (unusual economic movements) (some $163 million). The brothers held high positions in the Correa administration. About 25 businesses associated with their advertising business moved $161.7 million between 2010 and 2017. One business mentioned was Televisión Satelital, owned by Ricardo Rivera, Jorge Glas’ uncle.

“Ecuador Certificado” (Ecuador Certificate) – The Foreign Commerce and Investments Minister presented this catalogue of organic products with certifications for export products. The project has been well received by the business sector which has sought various certifications related to organic production such as fair trade, control of chemical residue, best agricultural and manufacturing practices, social responsibility and others.

Ocean and coastal protection – The Government announced an interinstitutional agreement to strengthen pollution control and environmental protection of the seas and coasts.

Cabalgata – The Undécima Cabalgata Histórica “Por la Ruta de los Héroes de Tarqui” (Eleventh Historical Cavalcade “For the Route of the Heroes of Tarqui”) that commemorates the Batalla de Tarqui fought on 27/2/1829, will be held el 16/2. the two day ride can be made on horseback, bike, moto or Polaris 4×4. The ride starts at parque Calderón and goes to Quita La Victoria in Victoria del Portete parish and on the second day, from there to the Casa de los Tradados in Girón. To join, register at the offices of the III División Tarque, la Brigada de Artillería Portete, cuartel General Dávalos; at the Casa de los Tradados; or Almacén Vaqueros (Bolívar y Estévez de Toral). Cost: $30.00.

Carnaval de los Barrios – This event will be held el próximo sábado, 10/2 with activities starting at 10:00 in PRAC with festival of typical sweets of the season, a parade at 13:00 from parque Calderón to PRAC, traditional games at 14:00, and the election of the Comadre de Carnaval at 15:00. <That must be a different comadre from the Comadre de Jueves.>

Apple fair – The harvest is starting and fruit growers in Bulán Parrish of Paute Canton will announce when the apple fair will be at a press conference el martes. The area also grows pears and reinaclaudias.

Dinero electrónico – The electronic currency system should be ready by 16/4. Balances in the Banco Central de Ecuador can be redeemed at the BCE, or the ATMs of Banco del Pacífico or Banco Internacional; spent at stores that accept eletronic money such as Tía; or transferred to a bank account. So far there are no regulations addressing tariffs or how to open accounts which will be at private banks, co-ops and mutual societies.

La Tucyata – This year, their festivities coincide with Carnaval, and in name and activities, will go back to Cañari roots with “Apu Sami Chaski Pacha” which signifies to do with spirituality. The festival will not include water, cariocas (spray foam) and powder (cornstarch). They changed the name, Carnaval, to move the celebrations away from European influences. <So if you go, you will not be doused, sprayed or dusted.>

Agenda items –

Andrés López – This Colombian comedian will bring his new show “La pelota de letras renovada – La evolución el las generaciones” (The ball of letters renewed – The evolution of the generations) to the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz hoy a las 20:00. Tickets at Almacenes La Victoria.

Conversatorio – Ladies, Wine & Design is an international initiative to empower women in cinema. It meets one evening a month for informal talks. This month’s guest is Noelia María Muíño. The meeting was hoy a las 18:30 in Petirrojo Coffice (Roberto Crespo Toral 490 y 10 de Agosto 5-34).

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations. The following movies open this week. All movies this week are in 2D.

Paddington 2 – Esp.
Más fuerte que el destino – Esp. y Sub.

The following movies are continuing.

La Noche del demonio: la última llave – Esp.
El pasajero – Esp. y Sub.
Olé, el viaje de Ferdinand – Esp.
El pájaro loco – Esp.

Internacional –

Venezuela – The non-profit group Codavida which works in health, spoke about the lack of supplies for people who need dialysis. A newpaper reported that 32 dialysis units were closed in the previous week. There was also an incidence of looting of a truck carrying flour.

Discuentos y compras –

Sukasa – Buy and pay 24 mo. without interest on all cards – sábado, 3/2 only.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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