More pyramid schemes discovered; Mining explosives seized in Zaruma; Stabilization work continues on Cajas highway; Effort to speed license renewals

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Martes, 19/4/2022

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Actividades –
See article in Region for activities in Chordeleg, Oña y Sígsig.

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Más estafas financieras (More financial scams) – After the Big Money scam was exposed <and Don Naza avoided jail time by getting himself killed>, the “Grupo Renacer” emerged. That pyramid scheme was headed by “Don Marquito” and “Don Dieguito.” In Azuay, 5 people were detained in Gualaceo and charged for alleged captación ilegal de dinero (illegal money raising). They offered returns of 15-20% paid weekly, and so far over 20 families have been found who sold land and vehicles to “invest” from $30,000 to $220,000. <Even the stock market is less risky, and at least the stock market is nominally legal.> One of the people charged worked for a bank and facilitated getting credit for the “investers.”

Cuenca –

La ANT atiende en nuevo local (ANT has a new location) – Starting el lunes, 18/4, the Agencia Nacional de Tránsito (ANT) started operating at a new location in the exCREA on av. México in the offices of the Gobierno Zonal 6. It has set up 5 customer service modules to issue all types of drivers’ licenses including renewals and duplicates as well as other services. You can also go to their web page at for various tasks. Adrián Castro, executive director of ANT said there is a plan to open on sábados y domingos to reduce wait times for clients, especially for licenses. The pandemic caused a back up so that there is a 2-3 month wait for appointments. Castro recommended drivers schedule a license renewal appointment 90 days before the expiration of their license. ANT acquired 800,000 especies para licencias (blanks for licenses?) which should be enough stock for 2 years. <Start worrying if your license expires in 2024 or 2025.>

The prices of basic food necessities, such as flour, is rising as a result of the Rusian invsasion of Ukraine. (El Mercurio)

Placas (license plates – your word for the day, no particular reason) – At the end of marzo, ANT delivered 12,976 license plates that had been delayed since 2018 to Cuenca. ANT said that it has stock to cover the demand that will be generated after 31/3. ANT is in the process of turning over the responsibility of plates to EMOV, a City of Cuenca company. According to ANT, this will benefit the city since it will generate income and speed up the issuance of plates. <You want to put money on that?>

Nuevo incautación de explosivos en Zaruma (New seizure of explosives in Zaruma) – Members of the Fuerzas Armadas (FF.AA. – Armed Forces) of the Grupo de Caballería Blindada N° 4 Febres Cordero seized explosives in the Pacchapamba sector of Zaruma, El Oro. Among the material seized were armed and unprepared percussion caps, 35 m. of slow fuse, and 31 sticks of dynamite. The FF.AA. suspected they were used in illegal mining since they were found close to a mine that had been shut down. The seizure occurred just as the work to support the sides of the sinkhole are being finished. The hole should be filled in mayo which is the first of the 3 phases in the remediation plan.

Se anuncian control de precios (Price controls announced) – Prices for various products and primary materials have increased. Flour has doubled and shortenings and their derivatives have gone up over 40%. This has affected bakeries, and Eduardo Jiménez, president of the local guild, said 10% of the bakeries in the province have closed due to negative profit margins. The price increase in agricultural products, primary materials, and combustibles are due to the crisis entre Rusia y Ucrania <the invasion of Ukraine by Russia>. Andrés Vicuña, from the Policía del Azuay said there were complaints about alleged prices increases in products in the canasta básica (basic basket). Authorities verified possible overpricing, and will conduct controls. <Time to start baking your own bread – it’s not hard, it just takes time.>

Plan para mejorar la vida de recicladores (Plan to improve the lives of recyclers) – A study done by the Grupo de Investigación de Economía Circular Inclusiva at the U. of Cuenca found that the workers responsible for 95% of the recycled material in Cuenca are working in precarious environments, suffer from constant injuries, discrimination, and have no social security. The research group is proposing strategies to improve their lives and work. It has installed 3 fixed recycling locations at the U. of Cuenca, the Alianza Francesa, and the La Salle High School. The hope is that with the recycling stations, the workers will no longer be exposed to hazardous materials. They are looking for more locations for collection stations. You can contact them at 0993023230 or The group is also preparing to launch the “Reciapp” app for phones. The public can find out how to recycle and how to contact the closest recycler directly. It should be ready next month. But without the conscious participation of the citizenry, nothing will change. Knowing how to separate your garbage correctly can generate savings and social benefits.

Region –

Turismo, motor de tres cantones (Tourism, the engine of three cantons) – Chordeleg, Oña, and Sígsig are celebrating their 30th, 31st, and 158th anniversaries of cantonization with parades, shows, fairs and other mass gatherings.
Miércoles, 12:00 – opening of a recreational park in the Llaver sector.
Sábado, 10:00 – a civic, cultural and military parade in the main streets. 14:00 – a sesión solemne in the polideportivo.
Domingo – 14:00 – election of the Cholita Chordelense in the “José María Vargas” plaza.
Domingo, 9:00 -the anniversary proclamation in the central streets.
30/4, 20:00 – election of the cantonal Queen in the coliseo municipal.
8/5, 9:00 – Tourist and products fair in the main streets and a parade.
13:00 – a sesión solemne in the salón de la ciudad.
Viernes, 8:00 – a mass in the main church.
19:30 – a Festival of the national song in the multi-sports courts.
Domingo, 9:00 – a parade in the main streets.
10:00 – a gastronomic and crafts fair in the multi-sports courts.
11:00 – the sesión solemne in the coliseo municipal.

MTOP retoma obras para estabilización en el km 49 (MTOP resumes stabilization work at km 49) – The vía Cuenca-Molleturo-El Empalme has been closed to traffic at km. 49 now that the Semana Santa holidays are over. The contractor is displacing material from the top of the slope <They’re pushing the problem down the hill. I wonder who lives in the valley below.> to allow the construction of terraced berms and gutters. The 40 day closure that started in the middle of marzo ends at the end of this month. MTOP will evaluate opening the road during controlled hours and depending on the weather and technical conditions.

Descuentos y compras –

Announcemment from GM – 944 Chevy NEW TRACKER TURBO, 2021-2022 models are being recalled for a revision. In certain conditions, sparks from normal pretensioner operation which are directed towards the front can reach the sound insulation and cause a fire near column B. This could melt other components such as the rug and Column B lining. <I think that’s what the problem is, but I’m not a bilingual mechanic so I’m guessing. And I have no idea what a column B is.> Installation of protection for the sound insulation takes about 2-1/2 hours. Work will start el 13/5. Contact your closest Chevy dealer to make an appointment. You can call the customer service center at 1800 243.876 / (02) 4004700 or go to

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