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More Venezuelans leaving Ecuador than entering

As a result of new immigration rules, more Venezuelans are leaving Ecuador than entering. The trend, which began in September, is in stark contrast to the same time last year when thousands a day were pouring across the Rumichaca Bridge at the Colombian border.

Venezuelans board a truck near the Ecuador – Colombia border for the trip home.

According to those heading back to Venezuela, the lack of employment in Ecuador, Peru and Chile is primary reason they are going home. Refugees are also leaving Colombia due to poor employment prospects, immigration officials say.

Beginning August 26, Ecuador required that Venezuelans entering the country have a visa and a valid passport even though such documents are almost impossible to obtain in Venezuela. The requirement had been imposed by Peru three months earlier, leaving tens-of-thousands of Venezuelans stranded in Ecuador, many of them with family members already in Peru and Chile.

The United Nations Office of International Migration, which protested the tighter entry restrictions in Ecuador and Peru, says the number of Venezuelans returning to their home country is increasing rapidly. “Most of them have been unable to find employment since leaving their country while others were illegally underpaid,” the UN said. “As with refugees everywhere, they were frequently abused in local labor markets and had no employment benefits, such as health care.”

The UN said that the inability to bring family members with them was another factor in the return home of many Venezuelans. “They had hoped to earn enough income in their new countries to bring others with them but this was not possible and, instead of splitting families, they decided to return.”

The Venezuelan Civil Association of Ecuador says that in addition to employment problems, refugees faced discrimination and sometimes violence in Ecuador. “They are accused of crimes they didn’t commit and of taking jobs from locals,” the association director said. “Xenophobia is a major problem in all the countries where they have relocated,” he added.

24 thoughts on “More Venezuelans leaving Ecuador than entering

  1. “Patriotism”: What exactly does that word mean to Latin American countries? Does it mean that if you don’t accept the governing of your own country, you simply pack your stuff and go burden some other country? Or does it mean waving the flag of your country at soccer games? Is it any wonder why the U.S. is so concerned about ILLEGAL immigration?
    Not so long ago, people from Central America were invading the southern border of the U.S., in huge caravans. What I found so shocking is that so many of these illegals were crossing the border into the U.S. while waving the flag of the country they abandoned. How do you think that looks to patriotic Americans of the U.S.? Bottom line: They have no clue what the word “patriotism” means.

    1. I spent over a year in Vietnam with the Marines from 1968-69 at the DMZ and at Khe Sahn. Was wounded and I am 100% disabled by the VA. I refuse to fly the flag of the U.S. as many would-be “patriots” love to as I consider it a cheap form of “patriotism”. If you haven’t fought for that “glorious” flag in a war, then YOU don’t have a “clue what the word ‘patriotism’ means. No one is “invading the southern border”. There are many refugees (NOT ‘illegals’, which is a right wing insult to desperate people seeking safety for their families in a country that stole at the end of cannons and guns all the states from California to Louisiana from Mexico. ) If you consider yourself a patriot, why have you abandoned your country? Is it because you too are looking for a better, less stressful, dangerous and more economical life away for the USA? Ecuador does not need right wing fanatics and acolytes of the traitor in the White House, who is far less patriotic and much more dangerous to the U.S. than immigrants, legal or illegal.

      1. Spoken like a true left wing nut U to spent Viet nam am also disabled and I proudly fly the flag !!!

      2. First let me say that no one appreciates your service and sacrifice, more than I. Mere words can’t express the gratitude that you deserve. I served but non-combat, so I will never suggest to you how to feel about anything. But I would like to address some of your points if you allow me.
        Regarding patriotism: WEBSTER defines “patriotism” as:
        “love for or devotion to one’s country”
        In other words you don’t have to be injured or pay the ultimate price, defending our nation, to be called a “patriot”. I am a patriot and am extremely proud of it. I’m a huge sports fan, and it is not unusual for me to tear up during the National Anthem for an event. I believe that those that have the betterment of the U.S. in mind, that casting a ballot for an elected official is an expression of “patriotism”. But I won’t criticize how you personally define the word yourself.
        Regarding “refugees and illegal immigration”: Again we disagree. The U.S. is a nation of laws. You don’t have to like it, but as a nation we need to support those laws, and remain strong. In fact, it is because we are a nation of laws and so successful because of it, that so many people try to enter the U.S., illegally. And they try to exploit our weak immigration laws by declaring themselves as “refugees”. If they really wanted to seek refuge, they could have accomplished that and settled in Mexico. But that isn’t what they really wanted, is it? So let’s at least be honest about that.
        And why would you challenge my patriotism, by suggesting that I have abandoned my country? You know nothing about me. When in fact I still own my home in Ohio and live there part of the year, as I do in Ecuador.
        And finally, you want to call President Trump a traitor? Until now, I didn’t mind the debate. But you crossed a line. Obviously, you have no clue as to how Trump has reorganized the VA, and has, for the first time, made those employees “accountable” for the treatment of our veterans, like yourself. And I’m just going to leave it there, because I am extremely saddened that you are so hate-filled, and I am defenseless to help you.
        You are a veteran soldier of the U.S. and although I don’t know you, I salute you. You have paid the price for all of those, including myself that did not experience the horrors of combat. So whatever you want to say to me, is all good. We may not always agree, but please know that you have my respect and my prayers. Take care, soldier.

  2. “the lack of employment in Ecuador… is primary reason they are going home.”

    Well, it looks like reality is finally hitting home!
    Lack of employment is a big problem for many Ecuadorians,
    why would it be any different for them?

  3. It sounds oddly familiar to the situation in the US…except the US accepts illegals. We come from a sanctuary state that allowed driver’s licenses and voter registration without proper identification. We watched it happen when our granddaughter applied for a license. She had to present a birth certificate and state ID and proof of residency, non of which the Latins were asked to provide. They had to provide and ID but that was all. Then the illegals received free housing and utilities along with food stamps and state paid childcare, while the local remained on years long waiting lists. As a government employee I saw this happen. And when I taught at a local private college I witnessed foreign students receive special entrance requirements and tuition grants because of government subsidies that the college would receive. It was a problem in our state…maybe not yours.

    1. There is some unknown chance that your granddaughter might vote democrat, whereas there is 99.9% chance that an illegal immigrant put to the front of the line will vote democratic. This is the operative belief of Democrats. It’s incredibly sad that US immigration policy is this politically motivated, but it is, in my opinion.

    2. You seem to buy your fake “news” about the benefits immigrants to the U.S. are receiving. Just the use of the term “illegals” to refer to refugees demonstrates your ignorance and hatred for those not fortunate enough to be born in a safe country in which to live and raise their families. I challenge you to show proof that foreign students at the college you reference received any public U.S. funds to cover their tuition or other expenses. Also, please provide proof that “illegals” received “free housing and utilities along with food stamps and state paid childcare”. I called your post a FAKE, full of regurgitated misinformation originating in the hateful right wing, racists, xenophobic sewers of the internet.

      1. Wow, what a diatribe. No need to insinuate I am racist, xenophobic, or a hateful right wing person who peruses the sewers of fake news. I am stating my own direct experience as a government employee and as a college adjunct professor who was mandated to be a member of a the “Student Development Committee.” If what I experienced doesn’t line up with your philosophy then so be it. As I stated, I came from a state that declared itself a “sanctuary state” and it was a Mid-Atlantic state. This was what I experienced first hand as part of my “job requirements.” I don’t know about other states or colleges or universities and I made no claim that what I experienced was universal.

        1. I assume you are from CT? There is no other Mid-Atlantic State that declared itself a “Sanctuary State” (A State that has legislation in place that establishes a statewide sanctuary for illegal immigrants).
          Most maps would not include CT in the Mid-Atlantic region.

          Please tell us more about this “State” and your “Job Requirements”.

          1. New England is defined as the six states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The Mid-Atlantic states include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. There are two sanctuary states in New England, but CT is not one of them. There are no Mid-Atlantic sanctuary states.

        2. “Four years after implementing a policy to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, Connecticut has seen a reduction in hit-and-run crashes and a steep decline in the number of people found guilty of unlicensed driving.
          More than 50,000 undocumented immigrants in the state have taken written exams, vision tests and road tests to obtain driver’s licenses, funneling several million dollars into the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.

          Connecticut’s experience could offer a road map for lawmakers in eight other states that are considering similar laws to widen access to driver’s licenses.”
          – NPR

    3. The people from Vietnam got all that plus low interest loans for businesses. They thrived and have been able to contribute to the tax system. That was back in the 1980’s in America.

    4. I have seen this special treatment even before immigrants to this country. You had to be the “right color”to receive assistance. Then universities had quotas of foreign students or lose mega bucks in aid. Immigrants do not understand why they are treated with contempt. This nation does not take care of it’s own needy but bend over to please everyone else.

    5. The college situation was caused by the college greed: to get easy money. These not very good businesses cater to weak students, as long as they qualify for loans or scholarships. Not fair.

      1. Totally agree with you on this subject. The educational content declined as a result of the greed of the college board to make money. The college incorporated and became a business. It really took advantage of the veterans.

    1. Actually that is not clear. “Entrada” is dropping, but entrada to where? Ecuador? If so, that would just be saying that fewer are coming to Ecuador, which can be explained by the tighter requirements for entering Ecuador, as noted in the article.

  4. Totally agree with Acbig1, ngk, and LuckyCat. My concern here in Ecuador: does this mean the criminals will stay? They are not concerned about working.

    1. I am sure glad the criminals from Venezuela don’t have guns or else we would be in great danger. What? You say most of them do? hmmm… never mind.

      1. burger, you’ve been whining about not being able to legally own guns here for as long as you’ve been posting. You are still a one trick pony even after my sabbatical.

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