More ventilators on the way; Radio station goes off the air; Gov’t to renegotiate external debt; Churches to reopen in three phases

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Lunes, 8/6/2020

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Titular – Más barreras para discapacidad (More barriers for disabled) – The coronavirus has made life for the disabled, especially the blind and deaf, much more difficult. The first group because of the impossibility of distancing and the second, especially if they are lip readers, because of the use of masks. <And that’s not even taking into account the lack of accessibility in general.> According to the Consejo Nacional de Igualdad de la Discapacidades (Conadis), 210 people with disabilities have died during the pandemic and 2,708 lost their jobs between 16/3 and 14/5.

Debt renegotiation – The Government announced that its external debt will be renegotiated in 2 months and it will use an unpaid Consejo Asesor Económico (Economic Advisory Council) which will be composed of experts in the area. <Will that include repaying Morgan Stanley some $500 million and getting half of the country’s gold reserves back? Or will the banksters figure out a way to get their money back and screw the country out of its gold?>

End of Onda Azuayas – The radio station will go off the air tomorrow after 72 years due to economic problems caused by COVID-19. It has been the longest AM station (1.110 AM) running Cuenca and aired its 1,401st “Voces de la Ciudad” program yesterday.

Prisoners protested Monday after a 65-year-old inmate died of Covid-19.

Death of inmate – A 65 year old inmate at the CRS (Centro de Rehabilitación Social) Turi died el sábado in hospital. A second inmate is also interned in a hospital waiting for results from a test. The Servicio Nacional de Atención Integral a Personas Adultas Privadas de la Libertad y a Adolescentes Infractores (SNAI – National Service of Integral Attention to Adults Deprived of Liberty and Teenage Violators) did 185 rapid tests which found 11 positive for the virus. COVID has been confirmed in several prisons which are fumigated, disinfected, and cleaned periodically.

ICU beds close to full – The MSP announced that almost all of the ventilators to treat COVID patients in Cuenca ICUs are in use. At the Vicente Corral Moscoso regional hospital, the 23 beds for adults with critical COVID symptoms and the two for coronavirus emergencies were full yesterday with all available ventilators in use. 11 of the 13 beds at the José Carrasco Arteago” IESS hospital were occupied. The number of critical patients fluctuates with the average growing from 25 to 31 per day in the last week. The Zone 6 coordinator of the MSP said that the increase is due to the new status and to some people evading the restrictions. The provincial director of the IESS said that it will get 5 more ventilators tomorrow to increase the ICU capacity. <I’m tempted to run out and start licking surfaces at the mercados just to get the virus and get it over with.>

Vandalism of Tranvía – For the 2nd time in the last 3 days, there have been “manchones” (scribbles not even rising to the level of graffiti?) found inside and on the train cars, at stops and on ticket machines. The sanction for this type of vandalism is a fine of 30% of the SBU or $120.00. Authorities are using the video security system to try identify the vandals including those who damaged the underground power system. <If someone was messing with the 3d rail, maybe look for them in a hospital burn unit?>

Earthquake – A 5.9 quake with its epicenter in Perú that struck at about 5:30 Sunday, was felt in parts of Azuay and Morona Santiago where there were no reports of damage, injuries or deaths.

Catholic churches to open progressively – Churches will open progressively in 3 phases, all under bio-security protocols. In the first phase, they will be open for personal prayers and confession. In the second, to receive Comunión (communion), and in the third to celebrate la Eucaristía (communion again? or mass?) In all phases the church will be at 30% capacity. Vulnerable people and those of tercera edad should not attend any of the phases, but they can ask the priest or lay ministers to celebrate communion at home.

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