Moreno agrees to a ‘dialog’ with Lasso but not a debate; new poll gives him big lead

Mar 15, 2017 | 0 comments

Lenin Moreno said Tuesday that he will participate in a one-on-one “dialog” with Guillermo Lasso but will not a debate. He called debates, “nasty, contentious, and pointless,” citing those in last year’s U.S. presidential campaign.

Lenin Moreno on the stump.

Lasso, who says he favors a no-holds-barred debate, has not responded to Moreno’s offer. If the dialog event occurs, it will be hosted by the National Network of Teachers and Teachers for Educational Revolution.

Although Lasso did not describe how a dialog would be formatted, a campaign advisor said it would be similar to the one hosted by the newspaper El Comercio prior to the February 19 election. In that the event, each candidate laid out his or her position on various issues with no follow-up questions allowed from the other candidates.

Moreno received good news Tuesday from the Perfiles de Opinión presidential poll which gave him a large lead over Lasso. The poll, conducted over the last two weeks, showed Moreno with 51% of voter support compared to Lasso’s 35.5%. It is the second poll that gives Moreno a sizeable lead. Two other polls give Lasso a lead by margins of 3% and 5%.


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