Moreno meets with ambassadors, promises new approach to international relations

Apr 7, 2017 | 0 comments

President-elect Lenin Moreno met Thursday with 60 ambassadors from foreign countries and said his office would be open to all of them.

Moreno and U.S. Ambassador Todd Chapman. (El Comercio)

“My door will always be open and my intention is to establish cordial, cooperative relationships with all governments of the world,” he said. “Even when nations disagree, I believe they can find common ground and work together to improve the lives of their people.”

Moreno did not criticize the often contentious approach to foreign affairs taken by current president Rafael Correa, and said it was more suited to conditions of a different time. “Ecuador was in crisis when he took office 10 years ago,” he said. “That was a time of confrontation and threats to the government and required another style. “Today, the situation is more stable. My style will be to work together with everyone to create healthy relationships between Ecuador and other nations.”

Moreno added that his years of work with the United Nations prepared have prepared him well in the field of international relations,

Among those invited to Carondelet Palace on Thursday was U.S. Ambassador Todd Chapman who congratulated Moreno on his victory and passed on greetings from the U.S. government.

Despite political differences, Moreno said he expected improved relations with the U.S.


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