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Moreno promotes referendum, explains why he wants to end indefinite reelection of the president

President Lenin Moreno promoted his seven-question national referendum Tuesday in Guayaquil, insisting that his goal is to reestablish trust among Ecuadorians.

President Lenin Moreno

“We are working to heal the country by recovering its unity, promoting reconciliations between families, friends, and colleagues who have been torn apart in recent years by political passions,” said Moreno. He added that ideological differences have created conditions that “work against the goals of a healthy democracy.”

During his speech at a Guayaquil independence day event, Moreno focused on the referendum question that will overturn a 2015 constitutional amendment passed by the National Assembly that allowed the indefinite reelection of some government officials, including the president.

“The great liberator Simón Bolívar went to great lengths to warn against the concentration of power,” he said. “It is very dangerous to allow a single leader to attain dominant control of the government. It builds arrogance in the leader and creates a governance of authoritarianism and dictatorship.”

He continued: “Alternation of power is essential for a vibrant democracy since it creates an atmosphere of dialog between various interests and the sharing of ideas.”

Ending indefinite reelection is the most controversial question on the referendum ballot, particularly among supporters of former president Rafael Correa. If it passes, Correa would not be allowed to run again for president.

Moreno also pushed for passage of questions that would bar public officials convicted of corruption from serving again in government and reduce the authority of an administrative agency that reports directly to the president.

“My objective for the referendum is to restore an open democracy in Ecuador, to reduce corruption and to make the process of government transparent and open to all our citizens,” Moreno said.

9 thoughts on “Moreno promotes referendum, explains why he wants to end indefinite reelection of the president

  1. Moreno to replace Trump for president of the USA – allow a foreigner to take this position while Trumps mind us on vacation and his mouth and twitter are doing overtime. Whether Moreno succeeds remains to be seen, though he knows more about leadership then Trump will never – cheers !

    1. How about Harvey Weinstein to head up the DNC, now that his Hollywood career may be over. Accusations of rape and sexual impropriety never were an issue with Hillary regarding Bill, so why should they be with Harvey.

      1. It will also assure him a BIG popularity with GOP voters! On the core values that really matter, is there a difference between Trump, Reilly, Weinstein and Bill Clinton?

    1. Shirley- you’re right. That’s why it’s always important to hit the “block user” key on these posts.

      1. Too bad blocking doesn’t work for all of the nasty users. I’ve been able to block some of them, but other regular users evidently haven’t actually signed up to post and therefore can’t be blocked. And there’s no way to ask Disqus for help.

  2. No European country has term limits and it doesn’t seem to be hurting their democracy. Meanwhile, here in Latin America, Chile has no term limits and they’re the most developed country on the continent. Moreno should just admit that this is about Correa. He’s throwing a bone to the opposition to keep them off his back because Correa is the only thing standing between them and a return to the bad old days. The preserving democracy argument sounds plausible on the surface but it doesn’t stand up to real world scrutiny.

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