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Moreno tells Glas: It’s time to get to work

For the first time, President Lenin Moreno is expressing public frustration at the amount of time Vice President Jorge Glas spends defending himself against corruption charges. With Glas at his side during a Friday cabinet meeting, Moreno said it was time for Glas to concentrate on the the job he was elected to do.

Vice President Jorge Glas

“A vice president shouldn’t spend all his time on personal matters when he has other work to do,” Moreno said. “I ask you to stop going to the media with this business and let the investigation proceed through proper channels. This is something for the National Assembly legislative board and the Constitutional Court to decide.”

In recent weeks, Glas has given several of television and newspaper interviews defending himself against corruption charges associated with the Petroecuador and Odebrecht scandals. Although allegations against Glas have not been proven, his uncle, Ricardo Rivera, is currently under house arrest in Guayaquil on charges of accepting millions of dollars in bribes.

Moreno said he would continue to remain neutral in the investigation. “A president has the responsibility to be independent in these matters and to allow the democratic process to work.”

Responding to Moreno, Glas agreed that the process should be allowed to resolve the issue. “I hope we reach a resolution very soon,” he said.

During the cabinet meeting, held in Coca, in Orellano Province, Moreno said his government is gathering information about the state of the national economy. “I hope to report soon to the people on the economic challenges that Ecuador faces,” Moreno. “We are conducting a careful, objective review of the books that will not be influenced by ideology.”

8 thoughts on “Moreno tells Glas: It’s time to get to work

  1. I’m curious why the author left out the president’s opening to this statement. He said that Glas has acquitted himself of all the accusations that have been made against him and therefore should not go to the media to respond to every accusation while the process is carried out.

    The ironic thing is, even his accusers have given up trying to charge him with corruption. They are now limiting their accusation to “political responsibility”, an accusation that is not typified in any law anywhere. The Constitution spells out point by point all of the reasons for which the vice president can be impeached. None of the accusations against Glas come anywhere near said criteria. It’s pretty clear that the CAL will throw this case out this week, but I suspect that was the strategy all along. The talking point by the end of the week will be that Moreno is protecting a corrupt vice president even though the opposition freely admits that they are not accusing him of any corruption nor do they claim to have any evidence that he is involved in corruption.

    1. Sure would be nice if faulkner would provide a link to what he claims is the missing opening to Moreno’s opening statement. Of course he won’t.

    2. You are indeed a faithful lapdog for the correistas. I imagine they give you plenty of Milk Bones.

  2. “Most people are only capable of thinking in terms of what benefits them personally.”

    Hence the “us against them” when discussing what is good for expats vs. what is good for Ecuador. It seems that some don’t realize that if we are permanent residents, what is good for Ecuador is good for us in the long run.

    And, you did support your thesis with a reference to the constitution that I would hope everyone read before they decided to be residents of Ecuador.

    1. I’m not an expat. I’m an immigrant. I realize I don’t fit the demographic of most of the English-speaking community here. I was born in the US. We left when I was an infant. I only lived there for a small fraction of my time on this Earth. I pledged my life, profession and minuscule fortune to come to this country permanently, something you think most gringos would understand but most have forgotten. That probably gets to the heart of my differences with most of the posters here.

  3. Think I’m falling in love with Moreno.

    So far, I’ve read nothing here or in the Ecuadoran press about him that I’m unhappy with. Seems to be a good person, trying to do his job well. For contrast, see the US government . . .

  4. he should be in JAIL like haff the crooks in govt..that alwys seem to ‘get off’…look at hillary!

    1. First he’d have to be charged with a crime. Then evidence would have to be presented that he committed a crime. Neither has happened, just like with Hillary.

      Or maybe you prefer a world where everyone you don’t like gets locked up without due process.

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