Moreno to explain economic plan, Slaughterhouse update, Holiday events, Test flight planned

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Viernes, 30/3/2018

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

Teatro – There were/will be 3 shows hoy en la Vitrina in the CCE. “Ya llegaron los titeres” (The puppets already got here), “El Muro de las Sombras” (The Wall of Shadows), and “Wñam,” will be performed Sunday a las 11:00.

Upcoming agenda events –

Presentación de Libro – There will be a book launch of “José y el Mayor M” by Dianola Vázquez el próximo lunes a las 10:00 en el Museo de la Ciudad. It’s the story of José, a child superhero and his fight against “faltas ortográficas” (bad spelling). His mission is to put the accent on “palabras agudas, graves y esdrújulas.” <Those are things I’ve been exposed to in Spanish class, but decided I didn’t need to know the names of the types of multi-syllabic words depending on where the accent is placed. And I bet the average Cuencanan might not be able to remember what those words are, either.>

Estreno de Filme – The Avant Premier of “Verano no Miente” (Summer doesn’t Lie) will be el próximo jueves a las 19:00 in the Multicines at the Millenium Plaza. There will be a red carpet for the actors, impresarios, and public figures. <The high muckety-mucks. So that might be where to go if you want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.>

Articles about –

Review – The exhibit, “ExpoMujeres-Maternidad” was reviewed. It is showing at Saladentro.

Taller de guión cinematográfico – Ricardo Chateun, screenwriter, will teach a screenwriting workshop from 2-13/4 a las 14-18:00 at Salpica Producciones in the Sala de Cine y Audiovisuales (Luis Cordero Y Pres. Córdova, upper level). He can take a maximum of 10 students. To register, call 099 567 7573 or write

Feriado (holiday) – There are various activities available during the Easter holiday for hoy, mañana y el domingo.
Biblical film cycle – Free.
Saturday en el Museo de la Ciudad – Ben Hur and “The Passion of Christ.”
Saturday en el Teatro Sucre – “El Arca de Noé” (Noah’s Ark) and El Mártir del Calvario” (The Martyr of Calvary).

Sacred music concerts –
Saturday in the Parque Calderón with Bach, Vivaldi, Schubert, Handel, Mozart, Pachelbel, Alvinioni or Caccini on the program.
Sunday a las 11:00 at the escalinatas next to the Paseo Tres de Noviembre with singers and choruses.
Museums –
The following museums will be open Sunday de 10-22:00, and el domingo de 10-16:00 – Museo Remigio Crespo Toral, Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno and the Economuseo Municipal Casa de Sombrero.
Museo Catedral Vieja will be open hoy de 10-16:00 and mañana y el domingo de
8-16:00. <A museum for you early birds.>

Danza – There is a seminar, “Pedagogía de Enseñanza del Ballet Clásico” that was held last week by Fausto Villagómez, Co-founder of the Compañía Nacional de Danza del Ecuador for dance teachers.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Negocian libertad de periodistas (Negotiations to free journalists) – Families of the 3 El Comercio journalists who were kidnapped, received information that calmed them during a meeting with the authorities yesterday. At least 7 narcoguerrillas (drug gangs) are operating along the Colombian/Ecuadorian border.

Electronic currency – As of 1/4, electronic money accounts with zero balances will be automatically closed without paperwork or notification. If you have a balance and want to zero it out, see the article for the list of locations. The article at is titled, “desde el 1 de abril las cuentas de dinero electrónico no funcionarán.”

Juvie Bakery – 5 inmates at the Cento de Adolescentes Infractores (CAI) de Cuenca are learning to bake. The produce 150 breads of 20 varieties which are served in the center and sold to the employees. Their teacher is Mario Sánchez who owns the 40 year old Charito chain of 10 bakeries. He donates his time and the tools and materials to make the breads. <He’s making lives as well for these 5 kids who are 15, 16, 16, 17, 20.> He announced a project to produce some 5,000 breads for the Centro de Rehabilitación Social Sierra Centro Sur, with the money collected being an incentive for the 5 adolescents. Other activities available to the inmates are workshops in guitar, dance and percussion, sheet metal, drawing and painting which culminated in a mural.

Test flight – Carlos Jácome, director of the Corporación Aeroportuaria de Cuenca (CORPAC), said that he is waiting for the notification of the test flight for the Aéreo Regional airline. It is expected that the line will be operating in Cuenca the first week in abril with a fare of $160.00. <I think this is R/T.> The airline has its main office and maintenance facilities in Guayaquil, has secondary bases in Macas and Shell Mera, and has rented an office in the terminal in Cuenca

Illegal slaughterhouse – The director of the CGA (Comisión de Gestión Ambiental – Environmental Management Commission), Catalina Albán, said that an inspection of the site of the reported dog slaughterhouse turned up no dog remains. But they did see remains of cows from the slaughterhouse <the legal one> that were being rendered for tallow to make candles, soaps and shampoo. The plant was closed for lack of permits. <It seems like the story got picked off social networks. Don’t believe everything you read probably goes ten times for stuff off the internet.>

Economic plan – Moreno will explain the broad outlines of his economic plan el lunes during his weekly talk to the nation.

Today’s political cartoon, “Semana Santa” – The image is Jesus on the cross, alone on Calvary, asking the Roman guard, “Y los dos ladrones?” (And the 2 thieves?). The guard replies, “El uno se fugó a Miami y el otro a Bélgica.” (One escaped to Miami and the other to Belgium.)

Feria de Agroazuay – The market that operates in the ciudadela Kennedy or sector Machángara los sábados will now operate on domingo as well from 7-14:00. Agroazuay also operates a fair on av. Max Uhle, diagonal to the electric company. There are a total of 570 stalls.

Bus accidents – A Cooperativa Piñas bus overturned at km. 18 of the vía Cumbe-Girón-Pasaje in the Victoria del Portete sector la noche del miércoles, 28/3, about 19:30. 10 people were injured with 3 hospitalized. The bus driver wasn’t found. El jueves, 29/3, a bus from the Cooperativa de Transporte Javier Loyola collided with a dumptruck leaving 14 people injured, 12 of whom were minors. The riders were taken to a hospital. The accident occured about 13:00 on the Panamericana at the entrance to San Miguel de Porotos in Azogues. The drivers were tested and the truck driver was legally drunk. <This is just way too many bus accident articles.>

Amenidades –

Agenda items –

Curso Fotografía Digital – This class will be el lunes, 2/4 a las 18:30 in the Cooperativa Riobamba (Mariscal Sucre 5-84 y Hermano Miguel). Cost: $250.00.

Yoga al aire libre – There will be an open air yoga class este lunes, 2/4 a las 19:00 in the Parque de la Madre.

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations. The following movies open this week. All movies this week are en Esp. and 2D.

Mazinger Z
Ready player one
Sherlock Gnomes
Un viaje en el tiempo

The following movies are continuing.

Titanes del Pacífico: La insurrección
Pánico en lo profundo
Tomb raider
María Magdalena
Peter Rabbit

Recipe – Today’s recipe is for fanesca cuencana. <This is something you want to go out and eat, or better yet, get invited to a friend’s house. You cook each of the dozen or so ingredients separately and then after they’re combined you cook them for another two hours, stirring the whole time. Lots of work.>

Internacional –

Venezuela – 68 prisoners died in a presumed fire at the Policía Estatal de Carabobo prison.

United Nations – The UN has announced that it has no plans to send observers to the 20/5 elections in the country.

Discuentos y compras –

Colineal – Full House Days – 28/3 to 1/4 a las 10-20:00 – up to 40% off on all accessories.

ETAFASHION – up to 50% off on selected merchandise, additional 10% off with direct credit from Planeta – until 1/4 – conditions apply.

Detalles – Feria del mueble (Furniture Fair) – 40% off – 30/3 to 15/4 de 10am – 7pm, lunes a domingo – Cuenca Show Room at av. Max Uhle y 24 de Mayo (corner).

Superstock – 10% and 20% off on lamps, paintings and picture frames.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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