Lenin Moreno takes office this morning; announces cabinet featuring fresh faces, including two from Cuenca

May 23, 2017 | 0 comments

Following through on a campaign promise, Lenin Moreno’s first presidential cabinet includes plenty of new faces, including three that may reflect a new government approach to private enterprise and foreign trade.

Moreno announced his cabinet appointments on Tuesday. He will be sworn in as president this morning in Quito.

Rosana Alvarado, left, and Paúl Granda

Among new cabinet appointees are Cuencanos Rosana Alvarado, former vice president of the National Assembly, named minister of justice, and former Cuenca mayor, Paúl Granda, who will serve as public works minister.

Carlos de la Torre, director of the Institute of Economic Research at Catholic University, was named finance minister, while Guayaquil entrepreneur Pablo Campaña will serve as foreign trade minister. Former Halliburton executive Carlos Perez, will be oil minister.

The appointments of de la Torre, Campaña, and Perez, are in line with Moreno’s pledge to improve the relationship between government and business.

In the past, De la Torre has advocated allowing foreign banks to return to Ecuador, saying their presence will increase competition among private banks and lower interest rates.

Other new cabinet appointments are Perez Torres, Minister of Culture, and former presidential candidate Iván Espinel, Minister of Economic and Social Inclusion.

Among ministers held over from the Correa administration are Fánder Falconí, Paola Pabón, César Navas, Miguel Carvajal, Verónica Espinosa, Javier Cordova, and Johana Pesántez.

In a statement on his Twitter account, Moreno said his new cabinet was composed of “professionals, entrepreneurs. people from different social and political sectors and various nationalities, and supporters of the Citizen´s Revolution.” Above all, he said, his cabinet is one that is committed to dialogue and problem-solving through consensus.

In all, Moreno named 23 ministers and 12 department secretaries.


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