Moreno’s first presidential trip will be to the U.S.

Sep 14, 2017 | 0 comments

President Lenin Moreno informed the National Assembly Wednesday that he plans to travel to the United Sates on Monday. By law, the president is required to inform the Assembly about all foreign trips.

President Lenin Moreno will travel to the U.S. next week.

In his letter to Assembly President José Serrano, Moreno said he will participate in a General Assembly session of the United Nations in New York and hold meetings with Ecuadorian migrants in the U.S. There may also be meetings with U.S. officials but those plans have not been finalized.

The delegation that will accompany Moreno on the trip will be named later in the week.

In a separate statement, the president’s office said that Moreno will continue to carry out all functions of his office during the U.S. visit and no official duties will be entrusted Vice President Jorge Glas.


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