Most Ecuadorians want a chance to vote on term limit amendment

Mar 10, 2015 | 0 comments

A large majority of Ecuadorian voters say they want a chance to vote on an amendement that would allow President Rafael Correa to seek another term in office.

The most recent survey by the Cedatos/Gallup group showed that 78% of voters believe the

President Rafael Correa

President Rafael Correa

question should be decided by a public vote, not by an act of the National Assembly. The Assembly passed the amendment and 14 others in December and it is currently under review by the country’s constitutional court.

In a statement issued with the poll results, Cedatos/Gallup noted support for Correa remains “extremely high” and, and despite some opposition to term limits, Correa is likely to be reelected if a vote were held today. Correa has the highest level of public support among Latin American presidents, Cedatos/Gallup and other polling organizations say. In a recent survey, he ranked second only behind Russia’s Vladimir Putin in public support among world leaders.

A spokesman for Correa said he understands the public’s feeling but says he also believes voters understand that the constitutional process has been followed. Omar Simon, Correa’s general secretary said, “We accept the poll results and understand that there is some discomfort in the process. We are also confidant that the people stand behind the president.”


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