Motorcyclist killed in El Centro collision with tram

Oct 1, 2020 | 6 comments

A 32-year-old man died shortly before noon Thursday when his motorcycle collided with a tram unit at the intersection of Mariscal Lamar and Juan Montalvo in the historic district. After reviewing tranvía and ECU-911 video of the accident, police said that the victim ran a red light.

A bystander tends to motorcyclist Aníbal Javier Munzón after he collided with the tram on Thursday. He was pronounced dead moments later.

According to the municipal transportation office, the accident is the tenth involving the tram since service began in May and the first fatality.

National Police spokesman Cristian Iglesias said that disregard of traffic signals has led to 12 motorcyclist deaths in 2020. “Through another tragedy, we send the message again to cyclists that not respecting traffic signals can be deadly. This is the third fatality of its kind in less than month.”

The victim was identified as Aníbal Javier Munzón, the father of two sons.


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