Murdered Ecuadorian boy buried on Long Island; Cuenca bus fares will be cashless

May 3, 2017 | 0 comments

Police say they are continuing their investigation of the murders and mutilation of four Hispanic men on Long Island, New York, and hope to make arrests soon.

Sixteen-year-old Justin Llivicura, who was born in Cuenca, was buried last week in East Patchogue, Long Island. The service was attended by family members, some of whom traveled to the U.S. from Ecuador.

Llivicura was murdered along with two 18-year-cousins and a man from Honduras in a Central Islip park, three weeks ago. All victims were mutilated and dismembered. Police believe the murders were committed by a gang that preys on immigrants. They say the murderers used machetes and knives in the attack.

City buses fares will be cashless

Bus fare will be paid by card only.

The Cuenca municipal council has approved a measure requiring all city bus fares to be paid by pre-paid electronic cards. The move was praised by bus companies who say the elimination of cash payments will stop theft and improve service.

City transportation officials also like the requirement, saying it is essential for integrating bus and tranvía service.

No date was given for the transition since the bus companies will need to install new scanning equipment in buses.

Remaining to be resolved is the new bus fare. A University of Cuenca consulting group last month recommended that fares increase to 26 cents, 32 cents or 33 cents from the current 25 cents.

Climbers injured in Cotopaxi avalanche

Three climbers on the Cotopaxi volcano were injured in an avalanche Sunday afternoon.

Rescue workers were called to bring the climbers down from the mountain and they were transported to a hospital in Latacunga. The hospital said the injuries were not life-threatening. A fourth climber was uninjured.

According to an official at Cotopaxi National Park, the climbers were in a restricted area at the time of the avalanche. Due to volcanic activity that began in 2015, climbers are not allowed above an elevation of 4,860 meters on the volcano.

The official said that the avalanche was triggered by heavy snowfall on Friday and Saturday.


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