Murdered expat engaged his assailants in a gun battle, neighbors say

Apr 16, 2017 | 0 comments

New information about the Friday night murder of expat David Senechalle indicates he died in a gun battle with his assailants.

Bullet holes in a bedroom window at the Senechalle home.

Police reported that he was shot in the stomach when he attempted to resist three masked assailants at his home north of La Paz. Neighbors who arrived at the scene shortly after the crime occurred said, however, that Senechalle was armed with a 45 caliber pistol and engaged the intruders in a shoot-out to protect his home.

The pistol that was legally registered to the victim, was taken by the assailants.

Photos taken in the bedroom where Senechalle died show bullet holes in the windows. Other photos show a number of broken windows, apparently smashed by the intruders as they entered the house.

Senechalle’s neighbors say that his age was misreported in the police report. He was 86 years old, not 76.

The housekeeper, who hid in a bathroom with Senechalle’s wife, said the intruders remained in the house 15 to 20 minutes after the shooting, stealing computers, jewelry, cameras, and other electronic equipment.

The property was equipped with an alarm system, according to police, but it was disabled by the assailants or not operational at the time of the crime.


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