Music for Life Benefit for Bolivar Sarmiento, March 9

Mar 6, 2024 | 0 comments

By Jeremiah Reardon

Maestro Bolivar Sarmiento Regalado recently underwent surgery. I met Bolivar at Casa del Alfarero Cultural Center in barrio Convencion 45 where he gave me free guitar lessons over eight months. Up to a half dozen guitar students came for lessons, daily, over those weekday afternoons. He also performed free concerts in its lobby auditorium and directed neighborhood children in holiday festivals.

Before surgery last week, noted Cuenca musician Jorge Koko Aguirre wrote on his Facebook page, “Bolivar Sarmiento NEEDS OUR SOLIDARITY, to be able to have the surgery that he needs so much. It is an expensive procedure, so any support will be a great help to him and his family. All of us who have the privilege of knowing him know of his generous, respectful, cheerful and sincere nature. Always accompanied by his guitar, he has brightened the lives of many families. May God give you strength and a speedy recovery full of success.”

Due to a large financial burden for Bolivar and his family after the recent surgery, his friends out of solidarity appear on stage to perform Andino folkloric music this Saturday, March 9, at Casa de La Cultura, Luis Cordero 7-22 y Pres. Cordova, at 8 pm. Suggested donation is $20.

Bolivar Sarmiento plays Noche de Paz at Casa del Alfarero

Tickets on sale for $20 at El Surtido music store, Pres. Borrero 8-68 y Simon Bolivar, and at La Victoria musical instrument stores.

Performers include Terry Pazmino, Los Locos del Ritmo, Quinteto del Recuerdo, Apocalipsis, Sandra Argudo, Diego Zamora, Fernando Vargas and Katy Pazmino.

The following accompanies new of their concert, “One of the most important references in Ecuadorian and international music, who has placed our city and country on high, today needs our solidarity, as he is going through a critical moment in his health, so we appeal to a good heart and gratitude from our community and friends.”

To help the Sarmiento Regalado family, you may contribute to this account. Let us support the emergency surgery that Bolivar required.

Savings Account No. 1020014518 at Mutualista Azuay
“Esthela Sarmiento Regalado” C.I. 0100975242


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