National Assembly President Llori dodges another bullet as opponents’ ouster effort comes up short

Apr 21, 2022 | 1 comment

National Assembly President Guadalupe Llori survived the latest attempt to remove her from office Monday as her opponents failed by three votes of gaining control of the Assembly. The vote, which required 92 of the Assembly’s 137 members, would have established a multi-party commission to investigate Llori and replace her.

National Assembly President Guadalupe Llori

Following the vote, Marcela Holguín of the Correista Union of Hope (UNES) party said the campaign to replace Llori will continue and eventually succeed. “Even though we failed this time, it is difficult to understand why she insists on remaining in authority when the vast majority of members want her removed. She has no chance of maintaining her position.”

In another attempt to retain power, Llori has petitioned the Constitutional Court to prevent the Assembly’s Legislative Administration Council from changing the previously established agenda to form the investigative commission. In the petition, she claims members of the CAL are violating her constitutional rights.

Leadership of the UNES and the Social Christian (PSC) parties claim that Llori has violated her leadership role by restricting important issues from being debated by the full assembly.

In a separate action, Assemblyman Bruno Segovia is claiming Llori committed fraud during her term as prefect of Orellana Province, prior to her election to the National Assembly. Segovia says he will present evidence to the Assembly’s Ethics Committee, claiming it could lead to Llori’s dismissal from the Assembly and possible arrest.

Meanwhile, Government Minister Francisco Jiménez has summoned Assembly leaders to a Thursday meeting to discuss how the administration of President Guillermo Lasso and the Assembly can work together. “Our intention is to find common ground on topics of national interest,” Jiménez said. “One of those involves law enforcement and security, especially the increasing crime in some areas of the country and the crisis in the prisons.”

Holguín said she would ask Jiménez to support efforts to remove Llori from the Assembly presidency.


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