National Assembly President Llori is defiant in the face of Correista take-over effort

Mar 9, 2022 | 1 comment

National Assembly President Guadalupe Llori claims that those attempting to remove her from office and take control of the Assembly don’t understand parliamentary law. She insists she will stand her ground.

Ecuador’s National Assembly is back in session today.

The Assembly meets today for the first time since the Carnaval holiday facing Corresta-led calls to evaluate Llori’s leadership as well as that of the Legislative Administration Council (CAL), which sets the agenda for Assembly debate. “Those who judge me don’t understand the law that governs the Assembly,” she said Tuesday. “My intention is to remain calm and carry out my authorized duties as president of the Assembly.”

Members of the Correista Union of Hope (UNES), Social Christians (PSC) and Pachakutik parties blame Llori and the CAL for blocking debate not only of Assembly administration, but of their attempt to revoke President Guillermo Lasso’s tax law and to impeach members of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control.

On Monday, Llori received the support of the Pachakutik Political Council, although eight of the 25-member bloc said they support UNES and PSC calls for a debate about Llori and CAL. Llori is a member of Pachakutik.

Pachakutik rebels say they are not necessarily out to depose Llori. “Everyone has the right to support the president and the membership of the CAL,” says Mireya Pazmiño. “We do not know how the debate will play out but we insist on having it.”

Those pushing for the debate say they represent a majority of Assembly members and that efforts to block their efforts will eventually fail. “We are in control numerically and will prevail in the end,” says UNES leader Marcela Holguín. “All we ask is that the leadership of this body allow the democratic process to proceed and for the interests of the people to be represented.”

Llori’s supporters claim that attempts to take over the Assembly presidency and replace the CAL are being orchestrated by former president Rafael Correa. “This is a take-over attempt by the Correistas, plain and simple,” says CREO Assemblyman Juan Fernando Flores. “They want to control the Assembly, the judiciary and then impeach President Lasso. Let there be no mistake about it.”

To override Llori’s authority requires the votes of 91 of the Assembly’s 137 members, a number her allies say the opposition does not have.


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