National customs service announces new airport luggage inspection system

Jun 20, 2017 | 0 comments

Ecuador’s National Customs Service (Senae) unveiled new procedures for inspecting luggage at the country’s airports on Monday. The intention of the new system, Senae says, is to reduce the processing time for travelers.

New luggage check system is in place in Quito.

The new procedures, already in place at Quito’s Mariscal Sucre International Airport, will be used first for international travelers but will be instituted later for in-country travel as well.

“In reviewing our procedures, we found that we spend too much time inspecting the luggage of passengers who do not represent a threat,” says Mario Andina, Senae director. “The new system will focus on the luggage of those we believe are more likely to be transporting undeclared merchandise. The point is to optimize the experience for the majority of travelers in our airports.”

The new system assigns a risk class to travelers based on a passport scan. Most travelers with no previous violations will pass through the inspection area without a check. Travelers with a previous record of transporting undeclared taxable merchandise, or illegal items, will be directed to X-ray stations or be required to go through a luggage hand-check.

In addition to the record of previous violations, Andina said other risk factors may be considered for luggage checks.

For a list of items that travelers can legally bring into the country, click here.


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