National phase-out of single-use plastics begins; Are we letting down our face mask guard? ETAPA ends its CATV service; Citizen Guards get English lessons

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Viernes, 6/11/2020

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

Publicación destaca rol de mujeres “heroicas” (Book highlights roll of “heroic” women <Or, to be politically correct, “sheroic” women>) – Kynku has published “100 mujeres de nuestra historia, Ecuador.” Copies will be distributed to bookstores the last week of noviembre. You can also get a copy by calling 0991197592. <This is assuming you’ve learned enough Spanish to order a book over the phone and can meet the challenge of understanding the reply. If not, wait until it hits the bookstores and you can point at it.>

Llega el Festival Cámara Lúcida (The Cámara Lúcida Festival is coming) – The Festival will be virtual this year and starts tomorrow (sábado). At 19:00 the movies will be available at and Each film can be viewed 150 times <The virtual equivalent of limited capacity?> Río Turbio by Mazú Conzález, from Argentina, will start the festival. For the schedule, go to and (in the dmnI, the I is a capital “eye” and not a small “el.”

Otras cosas –

Cuenca officials worry that a relaxed attitude ot mask-wearning will lead to more cases of Covid-19. (El Mercurio)

Titular – Falsa seguridad aumenta riesgos (False security increases risks) -The misuse of masks in public, family gatherings without the use of masks, and not getting medical attention at the first symptoms of Covid are part of the false sense of security that could lead to another outbreak of Covid in Cuenca <Just look at Europe – apparently doing so well until it wasn’t.> <Have you noticed that the disinfecting foot wipes inside businesses seem to be mostly dry lately?>

ETAPA notifica el cierre de servicio de televisión satelital (ETAPA notifies the closure of satellite television service) – The business suffered $7 million in losses between 2013 and 2018. It needed at least 20,000 subscribers to to break even and only had 4,000. Of the services ETAPA provides, only the Internet generates profits. Water is subsidized, and land line phones have fallen into disuse.

Guardia ciudadana – The city is in the process of teaching the Guardia Ciudadana English as a way to help reactivate tourism in the city. <They’ll probably learn just enough English to frustrate both themselves and whoever asks them a question.>

Puede ver los planes de trabajo (You can see the work plans) – The CNE has published the work plans (campaign promises) of the 13 Pres. and VP tickets, national and provincial assembly candidates, and candidates for the Parlamento Andino. go to <Candidates have to put their promises in writing and are actually supposed to fulfill them.>

Nueva ley obliga el retiro de plásticos de un solo uso (New law requires the removal of single-use plastics) – The Ley Orgánica para la Racionalización, Reutilización y Reducción de Plásticos de un Solo Uso (Rationalization, Reuse and Reduction of Single Use Plastics) would require making these single use items with recycled material, and phase in requirements. In 12 months, use of these plastics will be prohibited on islands, beaches, riverbanks, lakes, protected forests, páramos and all areas that are part of the Sistema Nacional de Áreas Protegidas. In 24 months use of plastic bags to carry your purchases, polystyrene packages and items that produce micro-plastics will be prohibited. In 36 months, the sales, delivery and use of non-recyclable plates, glasses and utensils that don’t have a minimum of recycled material will be prohibited.

Agenda –

Del 9 al 27 de noviembre:

Taller virtual de tejeduria textil y procesos creativos de diseño (Virtual workshop in textile weaving and creative design processes) – register at (07) 284 0919 ext. 123 – 124,

martes, 10 de noviembre:

14:00 – Mediación lectora: La Independencia de Cuenca, tejiendo historias (Reader mediation: The Independence of Cuenca, weaving stories) – register at (07) 236 5214,
16:00 – Presentación del libro: Boutique Hotel Mansión Alcázar, Memoria de Cuenca (Book launch: Boutique Hotel Mansión Alcázar, Memory of Cuenca) – by Ernesto Trujillo – Antigua Escuela Central, Facebook Live @CulturaCUE, @librimundicuenca.

miércoles, 11 de noviembre:

15:00 Mediación lectora. Cuenca de ayer y hoy, lo que nos contaron los abuelos (Reader mediation. Cuenca of yesterday and today, what our grandparents told us) – register at

And that’s all for today so la Hasta la próxima semana –



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