New airline’s plans, Former VP and mayor dies at 86, Mine explosion kills 3, Inflation is less than 1%, Artisans fair, Red Cross needs blood

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Miércoles, 7/8/2019

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

Exposición – The Exposición de Identidad Cultural del Azuay opened hoy a las 20:00 at the Seminario San Luis and will run hasta el domingo. The 16 exhibitors are from Sígsig, Chordeleg, Bullcay, Cuenca and more. Their work is in straw, basketry, carved stone, marble, ceramics, embroidery, filigree, metalwork, sculpture from recycled materials, copper art, jewelry, black pottery, wrought iron, metals, macanas (?) and repujadas (?). <Better throw a few more $20’s into your wallet.> Each exhibitor will also give demonstrations.
jueves – 12:00 – embossed aluminum
17:00 – wood carving
20:00 – recycled art
19:00 – a performance of “El Loco” by Francisco Aguirre.
There will be similar demonstrations by other crafts people on el viernes y sábado. Two traditional dances will also be performed.

Architectural projects – Students of Architecture and Design from the UDA are showing their residential remodeling and interiors projects in the lobby of the Teatro of the CCE.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Chordeleg is famous for its silver jewelry.

Feria para artesanos – Chordeleg will have a feria featuring the 4 crafts the city is known for – the sombrero de paja toquilla (“Panama” hat), jewelry (the city is noted for filagree jewelry), shoes, and ceramics. The fair will run from 9-11/8 in the plaza central. There will be at least 25 stands. At the same time, there will be a gastronomic exposition in the mercado. Promoters are also hoping that tourists will not confine themselves to the centro, but visit some of the natural attractions such as the río Pungo Huayco, 10 min. from the town center.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Inmuebles no son para el comercio (Properties are not for commerce) – Two properties in El Centro that previously functioned as the colegio Febres Cordero (Gran Colombia y Hermano Miguel) and the escuela Ezequiel Crespo (Vargas Machuca entre Sangurima y Vega Muñoz) will not be used to house informal vendors. According to current statutes, they should be restored and their educational use maintained. Both are historic buildings which means that not only the physical buildings, but the uses need to be restored.

Blood shortage – <It’s the altitude – your blood evaporates faster so you experience a blood shortage.> Cuenca needs about 2,000 pints of blood a month. The Azuay Cruz Roja (Red Cross) only has about 700 and is asking for citizens to donate blood. The institution which is self funded, responds to some 400 emergencies per month.

Concert in IESS – IESS started their “Unidades médicas amigables” (Friendly medical units) program el pasado viernes. The Orquesta Sinfónica de Cuenca played for over an hour in the main waiting room. This room also has free wifi. <Good if you’ve got a long wait.>

Alejandro Serrano Aguilar – This well known figure in Cuenca died el martes at the age of 86. He was an ex-mayor of Cuenca, an ex-governor of Azuay, and an ex-VP of Ecuador and noted for his support in politics, academics, sports, industry and health. He taught at several high schools and was the rector at one. He helped found Deportiva Cuenca and the stadium is named after him.

Inflation – INEC (Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Censos) reported that July’s inflation rate was .09%, up from June’s .04%. The annual inflation rate is .71%.

Explosión – There was an explosion which killed 3 people in the Santa Marianita Parish in Zaruma cantón at the Goldmins mine plant. Mining activities have been suspended at Goldmins pending an investigation, idling 450 workers.

Banco Central – The Banco Central del Ecuador announced a new anti-bribery policy as part of the President’s anti-corruption strategy. 27 employees were certified by the SGS of Ecuador to act as internal auditors and to verify the implementation of the policies. The bank is seeking ISO 37001:2016 certification.

Negocios –

Interview – Arturo Mirabal, shareholder in and president of Aeroregional Airlines was interviewed. The airline was started with $10 million from a main and two smaller shareholders. Manuel Rodríguez, Spanish, is the main shareholder; and Alejandro Jaramilllo from Loja, and Arturo Mirabal from Cuba are the two minority shareholders. The airline will operate with 2 leased planes, one of which “va a dormir” (will sleep) in Cuenca. When asked about why leased planes, Mirabal responded that airline financing is complicated with questions about who is the actual owner of the plane while in general, planes are mostly owned by banks. Mirabal said that the $160 fare could change and not necessarily with an increase. It could go lower. The company currently has 90 employees and should have 140 by the end of 2019. When asked if he thought the other airlines in the Cuenca market were worried, Mirabal asked why one of Latin America’s largest companies would be worried about a little 2-plane outfit? <No mention of that other airline.>

Huawei – The phone company is guaranteeing that its smart phones will continue to receive updates from all applications including Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Sold phones and phones on sale and in stock will be able to use Google stuff including 3d party apps on Google Play. Huawei mentioned that in spite of the sanctions imposed by the US, the sales grew 23% year over year in the first half. In Ecuador, sales grew over 30% in the year to date making it the most popular brand in the country.

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