New city fireworks regulations adopted

Oct 2, 2017 | 4 comments

A new municipal ordinance prohibits the detonation of fireworks from 1 a.m. until 6 a.m. and requires new safety measures around detonation areas.

A fireworks “castle” in front of the cathedral.

According to the Cuenca municipal council, the ordinance is a response to citizen complaints and injuries suffered by the public.

In addition, workshops where fireworks are made, assembled and stored will no longer be allowed in urban areas.

Councilman Carlos Orellana, who negotiated the new rules with the organization that represents artisanal pyrotechnics makers, said that the majority of members agreed that safety measures need to strengthened. “The relocation of workshops is an expense for some people but part of the ordinance will be phased in over a period of time,” he said.

Among the new safety measures is a requirement that detonations zones be cordoned off with rope and orange warning cones. According to Orellana, a number of mostly minor injuries have been reported when the public crowds to close to exploding fireworks. “This is a particular problem around the castles that are ignited during holidays,” he said.