New Cuenca magazine ‘Zero: Living with Latitude,’ focuses on positive, uplifting news and ‘making a difference in the community’

Feb 24, 2015 | 0 comments

The English-speaking residents of Cuenca have a magazine devoted to spreading the good news.

The publisher of Zero: Living with Attitude, Sara Coppler, says that the publication will focus on “the positive” and be chl mag2a vehicle for bringing the expat and local communities together. “We believe we can make a difference, but it will be a greater difference when we work together.”

Zero’s first issue, which has a press-run of 3,000 and is distributed free at dozens of Cuenca businesses, includes articles on a variety of subjects, including overcoming fear of dentistry, an expat chef’s take on the Cuenca food scene, local art exhibits, and expats who “make a difference.”

Among the magazine’s expat writers are Kathryn McCullough, Christine Collins, Buddy Winston, Clay Bodine and Frances Hogg.

Copper says the magazine takes a “hyper-local” approach, a concept promoted by her partner and magazine business manager, Dave Johnson, that maintains a local focus on the lives of readers and topics that affect them. “We will strive to be engaged with our readers and want them to feel connected, supported, and valued,” she says. “We expect Zero Magazine to be an integral part of the local community. We want to be good neighbors and a force for positive action. We want to bring together our readers in shared-change and partnered-growth.”

Coppler says her passion for community building is an outgrowth of her work with international non-profit organizations for more than 20 years. “Creating this publication is not just a job for me. it’s a passion,” she says. “Together with our readers, we intend to embrace diversity and self-expression and treat each other with respect and dignity.”

The magazine will be published six times a year by Asheboro & More Marketing of North Carolina (U.S.). The magazine website is


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