New flights to Europe, Economy improves, Film project, Masquarade parade, Museum changes

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Miércoles, 3/1/2018

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Last class – The last class in the Danza Contacto (Contact Dance) workshop in the “Rizoma Plataforma Disidente” in the CCE, will be el sábado a las 14:00.

Taller de teatro – There will be a theater workshop for children from 15/1 from 16-18:00 in the Atrapasueños Espacio Cultural (calle Juan Bautista Vázquez 4-131 y Ricardo Muñoz). The workshop will be directed by Layla Díaz and last 3 months, culminating in a performance by and for children.

Regional meeting – Cuenca will be the seat of the VI Encuentro Latinoamericano de Metodología de las Ciencias Sociales this noviembre próximo. (ACAY – All Cognates, All Yours) <Now tell me again that Ecuadorians don’t plan ahead. Fake news from gringos who’ve lived here a whole 3 months?>

Articles about –

Film project – U. of Cuenca film student Boris Ortega is using crowdsourcing to make “Cisko.” His short film is about Carlos who has lost his job as a guard, who’s been thrown into the street, and is trying to scrape together enough money to professionally tape his rap songs. Ortega wrote the script in 2016 and recorded a trailer at <Now I see why the scenes in some trailers aren’t in the movies. The trailers get made 1st and do double duty to attract money and viewers.> To support this project, donate at account number 797200 at the Banco del Austro.

Debut – Mesías Maiguashca will open a Latin American tour of “Elé…, una fantasía sobre Tránsito Amaguaña” (Elé …, a fantasy about Amaguaña Traffic) in Cuenca on 27 de enero a las 19:00 in the auditorium of the Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano Abraham Lincoln. The work is dedicated to an indigenous community leader in the communiy of Pesillo, Pichincha Province where his tour will end.

CCE – The call for submittals to be published by the CCE in 2018 ends el lunes, 15/1 a las 16:30. Submittals will be opened after the deadline and 12 selected. The CCE is planning on a maximum of 1 publication each month so as not to overload their printing equipment.

Museo Pumapungo – Changes are being made at the museum including scheduling various activities for sábados so families can become involved, increasing accessibility for the disabled, and showing retrospectives of various artists.

Otras cosas –

Titular –

Glas, entre juicio o terna para su relevo (Glas, between trial or terna (some sort of 3 person tribunal) for his removal) – See today’s article in CHL.

Economy improved – The Banco Central reported that the economy’s GDP year-on-year growth was 3.8% from the 3d quarter of 2016 to 2017. The economy expanded 1.5% in calendar year 2017. The economic rebound started in the last quarter of 2017. <Will it really be a rebound or just a bump in a generally downhill road?>

Air Europa – This Spanish airline is coming to Quito with a triangular route Madrid-Quito-Guayaquil. <I hope that translates into cheaper Ecuador-Spain flights.> The airline hopes to have over 90,000 passengers in the first year. The maiden flight into Quito carried over 200 passengers with an 80% occupancy rate.

Galápagos airport – The airport on Baltra island received the first “Carbono Neutro” certification in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is also the first airport in the world operating on 100% renewable energy – solar and wind. It also a has a Gold level LEED rating from the US Green Building Council – the first completed ecological airport in the world. <Ecuador has an eye on the future. Maybe because the people running the country are young and they have more future than old folks.>

Public announcement – There will be a public hearing on the environmental impact study for the “Challiyaco” mining area in the casa comunal of San Juan Pamba in Nulti on jueves, 11/1 a las 20:00. You can also submit comments in person or electronically from 4-18/1. <If your Spanish is good enough for comments, it’s good enough to read the announcement for yourself. Although I’d recommend good reading glasses for the miniscule print.>

Las Mascaras – Registration to participate in Saturday’s parade started yesterday and will end el viernes. The parade will start at Bolívar y Huayna Cápac and end at the underpass before the river. The parade will start at 7:30 with entrants in the children’s category. Street venders will be restricted to a side street north of Huayna Cápac on the east <downstream for those of you who are directionally challenged> side. There will be crowd barriers along the length of the parade to prevent people from crossing. <So if street food is something you want, pick your side of Huayna Cápac carefully.) It is also recommended that you don’t drive because there will be a lot of street closures.

Buses – La Cámara de Transporte met with Mayor Cabrera today on the issue of replacing the existing fleet with Euro 5 or Euro 3 buses. The city has been informed that the Hydrocarbons Company of Ecuador will provide an additive to improve the diesel for use in the Euro 5 buses.

Fiesta – The celebration in honor of San Antonio de Padua will be from 8-16/1 in the community of Quilloac in the Junducuchu sector in cañar. This cañari festival <with Catholic trimmings?> will include a escaramuza (skirmish) <I have no idea what that would look like.>, the challenge, popular bull fighting, fireworks, cultural ceremonies, ancestral music, dance, food and more. <Lots of opportunities for you shutterbugs.>

Amenidades –

Concierto – Mikel Erentxun, former vocalist for Duncan Dhu, a fundamental band in 1980’s Spanish rock, will be in Cuenca el 22 de febrero a las 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz with his tour, “El hombres (sic) sin sombra.” (The man without a shadow). Tickets available at “La Victoria” stores.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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