New government ministers named, Mayor says ‘stop the music’, On-line permitting, Post office upgrades, Entrepreneurial fair

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Martes, 20/8/2019

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

Jueves cine – The Dirección de Cultura de la Municipalidad de Cuenca (Culture Directorate of the Municipality of Cuenca) will present the 2nd edition of Thursday Cine el próximo jueves. During the season 17 Ecuadorian films will be shown, both fiction and documentals. <They will be shown, somewhere, over the rainbow.>

Concierto – The metal rock band “Descomunal” will perform on el viernes, 23/8 at the SteelMetalRock Lounge Bar. <But is the music bailable?>

Mayor Pedro Palacios, rights, cuts the ribbon for the new property registry building.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Feria – There will be a fair, “Emprendimientos y Negocios Cuenca”
(Entrepreneurships and Businesses – Cuenca) will showcase a variety of products including foods; organic, vegetarian, and vegan products; home decoration; cleaning products; make-up; crafts; and gifts. It will be el 24/8 from 9-18:00 in Villa San Carlos (Remigio Tamariz 1-85).

Otras cosas –

Titular – No categorizarán a las Universidades (Universities will not be categorized) – A new evaluation process of the Universities and Polytechnic Schools will begin el 16/9 according to a cronograma (schedule – your word for the day) <and probably more useful than most of the words for the day that I’ve burdened you with.> from the Consejo de Aseguramiento de la Calidad de la Educación Superior (Higher Education Quality Assurance Council). A new system of evaluation will be used that will not result in categories. <Universities used to be given an A to ? rating.>

Bomberos – The Cuenca Fire Department received 37 new equipment kits and 495 personal protective suits for their Special Urban Search and Rescue group which responds to emergencies at a cantonal, provincial and national level especially in the case of natural disasters. They also received 10 tents that are inflatable, waterproof, fire retardant, resistant to UV rays and chemicals, and with LED lighting. Other equipment includes a water purification system producing 13-16 gallons/hour of potable water; thermal search camera; a kit for working with dangerous materials; and a 40′ semi-tractor/trailer to transport all the other stuff in. <Assuming that the semi can get to the site of the emergency.>

Changes in gov’t appointees – Pres. Moreno announced the appointment of new senior officials including new ministers of environment and of communication. <The new env. minister looks a heck of a lot like Fred MacMurray.>

Post office improvements – Correos del Ecuador used last weekend to take actions to improve their postal operations and offer better service to the public. They took a national physical inventory and identified packages already paid for delivery to the recipient. They notified customers who had not paid for their packages to call 1700 CORREO 267-736 or email at The on-line system “Avísalo” at will allow a pre-alert for mail sent from abroad.

Police band – Mayor Pedro Palacios has suspended public performances that the band has scheduled. His reason is that the main reason for police is to participate in operations and not to make music. <What a bean counting soul that man must have.>

New property registry building – A new 6-story building for property registration opened on av. 12 de Octubre y Isabel La Católica. Hours will be from 8-16:30 de manera ininterrumpida (in the uninterrupted way) <Says the translation program which makes it sound like a pregnancy resulting from a rubber failure. What it means for you is that it’s not closed during lunch.>

On-line permits – On 2/9, the city will start a new on-line service for the Registro Municipal Obligatorio (Mandatory Municipal Registry) which deals with permits for developing economic activities in the canton. There will be technicians to help people learn how to use this mechanism where you can do the paperwork for use permits, and permits from the Fire Dept, Sanitary Control, regulation of hydrocarbons, and police. This will replace having to present physical documents. <You know you’re not going to get away that easy – someone will call you to tell you that your paperwork is defective somehow, and to bring the whole package with corrections into their office in triplicate with a copy of your cedula and last electric bill.>

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