New Parque de la Libertad will increase public space on north side of historic district

Jun 28, 2016 | 0 comments

The Cuenca planning department has announced that construction of the new Parque de la Libertad will begin in August. The park will occupy the grounds of the former city prison on the north side of the historic district and has a budget of $7 million.

The park will occupy the area of the old city prison.

The park will replace the old city prison. (El Tiempo)

Planning Director Esteban Orellana says the project involves renovating the much of the old prison for use as a public library and meeting space, as well as for commercial purposes. The grounds of the prison will be converted into a park. “The project will provide additional public facilities to the residents of Cuenca and help to reduce our deficit of green space,” he said.

According to Esteban, residents in the area have pressed the city to begin working as soon as possible due to a high rate of petty crime.

The city planning department says that all studies of lighting, plumbing, landscaping, and construction for the project have been completed and that bidding for the work will begin within days.

“The park will provide badly needed recreation and public space on the north side of the historic district,” Esteban said. “We have made many improvements to the south side and have plans for more. Parque de la Libertad will serve a community that has been under-served.”


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